What Are Cellular Security Cameras


Home and office security is a universal concern. Only in 2023 did the security and surveillance product market increase to more than 148 billion U.S. dollars from over 130 billion U.S. dollars in 2022[1]. A large part of this increase was shown by PoE cameras, which followed an upward trend in the 2023–2031 prediction analysis[2].

What are PoE cameras? PoE cameras, or Power over Ethernet security cameras, are a cable-free alternative to traditional video security cameras. So, long gone are the days when you had to fix multiple cables to get a security camera for your home! Now, you can simply use PoE cameras.

However, how do security cameras PoE differ from average WiFi cameras? Drop your concerns, as this ultimate guide has all your answers right here.


What are PoE Cameras?

PoE cameras are specially designed IP cameras based on Power over Ethernet technology. This technology allows the surveillance gadget to transmit digital data and receive power through a single Ethernet network cable.

Plus, when connected to a network video recorder (NVR), the PoE camera provides a plug-and-play feature. This feature allows you to watch the surveillance footage on repeat without any technological complexities.

What Does PoE Camera Mean?

In simpler words, a PoE camera meaning is the integration of data and power all in a single network cable. Since there is only one wire to deal with, this combination makes the hassle of dealing with cables and organizational mess almost next to zero. Thus, what are PoE cameras doing is making the installation of the surveillance camera quick and easy.


How Does a PoE Surveillance Camera System Work?

If you ask what is a PoE security camera working mechanism, the answer is a simple binary electrical conversion principle. However, a few essential PoE camera components are needed for this mechanism to work. These include:

  • A PoE camera gadget
  • NVR recorder
  • CAT5e or CAT6 Ethernet cable
  • A PoE switch
  • A remote-viewing monitor or TV (optional)

With this conversion principle, the PoE camera works through two main mechanisms: A plug-and-play system and a local network system.

  1. Play-and-Plug:With a plug-and-play, the camera is connected to an NVR through a built-in switch. The camera records videos, converts them into digital files, and transmits them to the NVR for viewing and playing.
  2. Local Network System:This method requires an external PoE switch. Once the camera is connected to the local network, the transmission works like plug-and-play. However, this method is more challenging as each camera requires a separate IP configuration.


PoE Camera Installation for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

PoE camera installation is an easy, 6-step process. Just follow these simple instructions to set up your PoE home security camera:

  1. Connect the power adapter and NVR system.
  2. Plug the NVR into a power source.
  3. Connect the router to the NVR using an Ethernet cable.
  4. Use another network cable to connect the camera and device.
  5. Connect the monitor to the NVR via the HDMI port.
  6. Connect a mouse for easy browsing, and you are ready to go!

PoE vs. WiFi Cameras

Your average WiFi camera could be working just fine. However, the answer might not be the same if you are looking for extended surveillance coverage for your home and office. This extensive surveillance coverage is what are PoE cameras offer on your update!

Here is a comparison between a PoE surveillance camera and a WiFi camera to help you differentiate between the two.

PoE camera

WiFi camera

 Uses a single network cable for power

 Can be installed away from the power source as the PoE switch provides power

 Support various Ethernet speeds, even higher speeds like 2.5 or 5 Gbps

 Provides coverage for up to 100 meters

 Easy installation

 More expensive

 Needs secondary cables for power

 Needs to be installed close to a power switch


 More the number of cameras, the less will be the data transferring capacity

 Provides coverage for 10-meter distances

 Comparatively difficult installation

 Cheaper in cost


The Benefits of Security Camera PoE

What are PoE cameras' benefits? The advanced technology of PoE external cameras offers many benefits. These include:

  • Easy and hassle-free installation
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Great flexibility with placement and camera angles
  • Multiple cameras can be installed on one router
  • Reliable in case of power shutdowns
  • Better system safety
  • Network reliable


What Are PoE Cameras Used For?

Depending on the significance of outdoor PoE cameras, they are used for many domestic and professional purposes. These may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Home security
  • PoE outdoor security cameras
  • Monitoring patients in healthcare facilities
  • Monitoring building entrances, parking, and facilities
  • Retail stores and commercial areas
  • Educational institutes
  • Industrial line productions
  • Employed in transportation logistics

Best PoE Cameras: Main Features You Should Consider

When buying a good-quality camera, ask yourself first, "What are PoE camera features that most users need?" or "Will I use it for nighttime surveillance or other monitoring purposes?"

Whatever the case, always consider these features while buying a PoE camera. They will help you ensure security for your home and office.

  • Image Resolution:Always opt for a camera that has high resolution. It will help you get better-quality surveillance videos. A higher fps (frame per second) results in better video resolution. So, make sure your PoE camera has a higher fps value.
  • Night Vision:If you plan to use a PoE camera for monitoring purposes, ensure it comes with night vision specifications. Also, consider what is a PoE camera's safe distance limit is based on your use. It will ensure clear footage with optimum results.
  • Remote Access:Get a PoE camera that allows remote access to camera angles, data, and record settings. It will enable you to have a quick response in emergencies.
  • Field of Vision:A wide field of vision helps with broader angle coverage. So, when getting a power Ethernet camera, ask, "What are PoE cameras’ zoom-in features, optical ratio, and manual vs. motorized moments?" These features will help you get a PoE camera that suits your needs. Plus, get a PoE camera with a varifocal lens for the best coverage.
  • Flexibility: A rotatable and flexible camera head lets you look in different directions at the targeted So, always get a camera with flexible features.


ieGeek 5MP POE System IE92: A Top-Selling Choice 2024

Regarding efficiency and quality, ieGeek offers the best PoE security camera systems on the market. A top-selling choice for 2024 is the 5MP PoE system IE92. This camera comes with 11 gadget essentials, including an Ethernet cable, an NVR system, and an HDMI cable.

Some other outstanding features of the 5MP PoE system, which is the best PoE security camera, include:

  • 5MP HD quality resolution
  • Smart AI detection
  • Instant remote alerts
  • Color night version
  • Two-way audios
  • 24/7 recording
  • Preinstalled 2TB hard disk drive
  • 8 channels& multiple device support


Final Thoughts

Investing in a modern security solution for your home is never a wrong choice. Since modern problems demand modern solutions, the ieGeek PoE Camera fills that role. Easy installations with convenient working features are what PoE cameras are famous for.

These cameras not only provide secure surveillance but also guarantee the privacy of your data. Therefore, get your PoE camera today and gift your home with a safe security solution.




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