What Are Cellular Security Cameras

Hidden cameras are commonplace in our daily life, the homeowners especially parents use hidden cameras to monitor their babies, babysitters, and others entering their houses. On the contrary, it’s an emerging trend that more and more people reported that some hotels and vacation rentals are hiding hidden cameras to intrude on their privacy. In this post, we will introduce 4 top methods to detect hidden cameras and protect yourself by learning these useful methods.

 4 top methods to detect hidden cameras in a hotel 2023


4 top methods to detect hidden cameras


Method 1: Conduct a physical Inspection

The list you must check:

When looking for hidden cameras, the first step you should think logically about is where hidden cameras can get a clear view of subjects,

  1. wall decor
  2. electrical outlets
  3. smoke detectors
  4. tissue boxes
  5. wall sockets
  6. desk plants
  7. air filter equipment


Be extra wary in bedrooms and bathrooms. If there is something placed in a strange manner in a room. For example, smoke detectors use a very low amount of electricity and are usually battery-operated, if you see a smoke detector with wires attached, this could indicate the presence of a hidden camera. Physical inspection can be the most thorough method, but this requires both patience and search methodology, ensuring that you won’t go too fast, and conducting the full and effective physical inspection.

Method 2: Get a hidden camera detector

In fact, spy camera detectors such as radio frequencies (RF) can help in identifying hidden cameras especially when the device is transmitting data, you can purchase these types of a detector in the market at a low price. However, it has drawbacks as well: if the hidden camera is a store-and-retrieve device, or the device transmits data from time to time, then the RF scanner will be fairly futile.

Method 3: Use the flashlight on the mobile phone

The smartphone’s camera is more sensitive to lights than our eyes, it sees the infrared lights that are invisible to us. On the other hand, infrared lights are commonly used for security cameras. So it’s possible to use mobile phones to detect spy cameras via flashlight, you can turn the lights off in the room, subsequently, turn on the flashlight to scan the room. If you spot a reflection, then dig deep and check for the hidden camera. Also when activating your phone in selfie mode, they are looking for the infrared light of hidden cameras in the same way.

Method 4: Download the camera detector app

Most camera detector apps, such as Hidden Spy Camera Detector and Hidden Camera Detector, work with a scanner that scans any place or room for invisible cameras. Some apps are including a magnetometer that works with a magnetic sensor in your phone to detect any cameras. you can use these apps for free and adapted to both Android and iOS systems.


What to do if you detect hidden cameras?

If you encounter a hidden camera in a hotel, immediately leave the hotel and report it to the police and reception. It’s illegal for hotels and vacation rentals to hide spy cameras. But if that is impossible, cover the items with a towel and protect yourself!