What Are Cellular Security Cameras

There was a news story about a famous security camera brand that was taken over by a hacker inside a little girl’s room and the hacker taunted the terrified little girl. This incident aroused people’s concerns about whether security cameras are in fact secure!

Today we’ll talk about some typical security issues of security cameras, and how to prevent them from being hacked.

If you want to know how to prevent security cameras from external hacks, you can also check the video for reference below:



How are security cameras hacked?


As we all know, the security camera is one of the most common IoT devices in people’s homes. Security cameras are taking over daily security tasks, offering us safety and convenience. Meanwhile, hackers can still play on some vulnerabilities in security, and your security camera risks being hacked.

A vulnerability is a weakness. Some people exploit your weaknesses and they can take advantage of you. When it comes to video surveillance we could give you a bunch of security jargon; simply put there are risks in security, however it is your security and it is your choice! You can choose to keep your home safe or know the risks. ieGeek chooses safety.

 How to prevent security cameras from being hacked 4 methods we must take


3 common problems when security cameras are hacked


Problem 1: Camera streams can be accessed at will.

Have you ever thought about how you would feel if someone intruded on your privacy via your IP camera without your permission?

First, it’s illegal, and second, it is super creepy that at any time someone could be watching you doing. You don’t know what’s behind that monitor.


Problem 2: Camera settings can be changed randomly.

Changing device data without your say-so is breaking the law! We have to be vigilant, criminals are lurking in the shadows and these days more visibly behind a mask!

Once they hack your device, they have the ability to change the device’s working schedule, alarm settings, and even password without your knowledge! 


Problem 3: Camera footage can be easily stolen.

Once a hacker has broken into your security system, they can view and download your private camera footage any time they want! Do you want the world to see you getting up in pajamas? Or perhaps the hackers will use your personal image in another country without being aware? These things happen.


What we can do to prevent our camera from being hacked?

Additionally, Here are some top tips to remember.


Tip 1: Never give away your personal password.

Make sure that other people cannot guess your camera password easily, and make it complex and unique for your use, lower and upper case letters as well as numbers and symbols are better than your first and last names, and birthdates; You should never have used it for any of your other devices, profiles or accounts.


Tip 2: Check the users of security cameras

Some cameras have the ability to check the number of users connected with your device online simultaneously. Check yours regularly to make sure there are no unwanted guests invading your camera.


Tip 3: Regularly change your Wi-Fi password.

Long, complex, and unique characters are much more secure than reusing the same password or the standard set by the internet company, typically your cell phone number.


Tip 4: Randomly check if someone has accessed your WiFi illegally.

Cyber attacks can happen by virtue of third-party software, nearby WLAN search, or network IP address at any time. We should personally check our cameras frequently.


The above is today we’ll talk about some typical security issues of security cameras, and how to prevent them from being hacked. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at service@iegeek.com