What Are Cellular Security Cameras

Fail to configure camera network in spite of following setup steps time and again? Because of weak Internet signal, improper WiFi, or other causes. It’s surprisingly common that early users fail to set up a network camera. But fortunately, this post will make things much easier.

We will detail the camera network setup steps and guide you on how to troubleshoot the battery camera with no Wifi connecting in minutes by detecting the indicator light.

Applicable to: All ieGeek battery cameras

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Conventional steps for camera network setup:


  • Power on the security camera. If your device is in sleeping mode, try to wake up it.
  • Place your phone, camera and WiFi router as close as possible. Next launch CloudEdge or ieGeek Cam app to add a device.
  • Reset your device. Hold the “RESET” button for 4-5 seconds, wait for a flashing red indicator.
  • Select 2.4G WiFi and Connect your IP camera to it. Pay attention to input the correct password of the network. Subsequently let your device scan the QR code from your phone, keep your phone 5-8 inches from lens. 

If you have done all these steps but still get nothing with the camera network, you can try the solutions below to fix the issue.

 Top solutions for ieGeek battery camera network troubleshooting


5 different indicator light performance of camera and camera network solutions


Circumstance 1: The indicator is flashing a solid red light


Tip 1: Reset or unplug the device

Tip 2: If it doesn’t respond as pressing the reset button, contact our technical engineer team to get an upgrading package to upgrade your device. (A SD card reader and an SD card are required specifically)


Circumstance 2: The indicator is red and blinking slowly but doesn’t blink fast after the device scanned the QR code, it doesn’t make a sound like “bugu” either.


Any of the following reasons might cause the above case: the QR code is abnormal, the lens is unfocused or the device is defective.

Tip 1: Make sure your phone is 5-8 inches from the lens and try to scan the QR code from different angles. 

Tip 2: Make sure the lens is clean. Try to set up camera network via AP hotspot while the lens is unfocused.


Circumstance 3: The indicator is red and blinking slowly and turns fast red light after the device scanned the QR code. But the fast red light still doesn’t turn blue.


Tip 1: Check out whether the WiFi is 2.4G or not. Only 2.4G WiFi is eligible for battery camera network.

Tip 2: Make sure the WiFi password is correct.

Tip 3: Ensure there is an unstable network. Place your device closer to the router. If it doesn’t take effect on this, it might be another alternative solution to reboot your router and reset your device once again. 


Circumstance 4: The indicator is red blinking slowly, and turns fast red light after the device scanned the QR code. Moreover, the fast red light turns blue after a while, the camera network failed to be added yet.


Tip: Provide the support team with your SN number or device account information as well as the exact time you set up your device. You will get further troubleshooting services later on.


Circumstance 5: The indicator does not work at all.


Tip 1: The device might be on Sleep mode. Enable the power bottom to test if it makes any difference to the indicator.

Tip 2: Check if the camera battery has run down. In this case, attempt to charge your device, then observe the indicator could turn on.


The above are the top solutions for ieGeek battery camera network troubleshooting. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at service@iegeek.com