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Buy Dad Safety This Father’s Day – Special Gifts and Ideas

Equipped with 2600lm Floodlights, it provides sufficient light at night for better capture videos or scare those sneaky people away.

Battery Camera ZS-GX4S (Panel)
 - 5MP

$259.98  $179.99

Save $80

Floodlight Camera

$149.99  $89.99

Save 40%

Doorbell Camera
Bell J1

$99.99  $59.99

Save $40

ieGeek Father's Day Early Bird Discount

Top Father's Day 2023 Gift Ideas for Dad

Battery Camera
ZS-GX1S (Panel)

$319.98  $179.99

Save $140

Battery Camera

$199.98  $114.98

Save $85

Spotlight Camera

$253.98  $165.98

Save $88

4G LTE Cellular Battery Cam ZY-G1

$399.98  $239.98

Save $160

Choose a reliable security camera in ieGeek as a special Father's Day gift.

Many of us seldom express love to Dad and pay little attention to father's safety and security.

Indoor Camera

$59.99  $54.99

Save 8%

Battery Camera

$69.99  $45.99

Save $35

Floodlight Camera

$199.99  $89.99

Save $110

Battery Camera

$69.99  $49.99

Save 29%

Battery Camera ZS-GQ1 (With Panel)

$89.99  $69.99

Save 22%

Spotlight Camera ZS-GQ4

$59.99  $49.99

Save 17%

Spotlight Camera

$109.98  $59.99

Save 45%

Battery Camera ZS-GX2S (Panel)

$129.99  $82.99

Save 36%
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