What Are Cellular Security Cameras

Home defense has become increasingly important to tackle the increasing theft rates due to the ever-changing economic and policing environment. Cameras are essential to home defense, but traditional cameras cannot perform efficiently in low lights and don't always provide clear footage.

Smart floodlight cameras emerge as the best alternative to tackle these shortcomings. These cameras not only light up the surroundings but also capture clear footage and provide real-time alerts. Therefore, this guide will talk deeply about smart floodlight cameras and see how they maximize home security.

Smart floodlight cameras emerge as the best alternative to tackle these shortcomings - ieGeek ZY-E1

Understanding Smart Floodlight Camera – A Quick Overview

A smart floodlight camera combines a security camera and a floodlight into a single outdoor fixture. The floodlight illuminates the surroundings while the camera captures clear footage.

There are two main differences between a smart floodlight camera and other cameras. The first is the illumination with floodlight, which makes the smart floodlight camera capture clear pictures day and night. Secondly, it comes with many advanced features. These include a motion sensor to turn on the floodlight with motion detection, two-way communication, real-time notifications, siren alarms, and more.

In short, think of a smart floodlight camera as a modernized motion light security camera system, improving traditional cameras' efficiency with floodlights and technological advancements.


Key Features of Smart Floodlight Cameras

Smart floodlight cameras come with many advanced features to uplift the security posture of your house. Some of the key features are as follows:

1. High-resolution Video Capture

A smart floodlight camera captures high-resolution videos. It has a high-resolution camera that can capture colorful videos with clear details. On top of that, the floodlight increases its night vision capabilities. No matter if the outdoors is dark or has low light, the floodlights can illuminate the surroundings and make the color night vision cameras capture high-resolution videos.

2. Motion Detection Technology

A smart floodlight camera offers built-in motion detection technology. It can detect nearby movement and turn on the floodlight to capture the object with a clear visual. Some motion light security camera systems even allow you to set the custom detection area. In addition, you will get instant alerts on your smartphone.

3. Two-way Communication

A smart floodlight camera includes a microphone and speaker. It helps to record clear video sound. Secondly, it allows you to have two-way communication. You can hear and speak from the person in front of the camera. In addition, you can set alarm notifications if the camera detects some sound, such as kids crying in the backyard, etc.

4. Security Lighting Solutions

A smart floodlight camera provides smart security lighting solutions. It allows you to manually adjust the brightness of the floodlight and customize lighting times. You can specify the day and night times for the floodlight to optimize its use.


Smart Floodlight Camera by ieGeek

Now that you know the game-changing features smart floodlight cameras offer, the next thing to consider is which one to choose. Your top priority should be to pick a smart floodlight camera that offers all the above features and even more. This is where ieGeek comes into action.

ieGeek offers a range of the latest generation of cameras to fulfill your advanced security needs. We offer indoor and outdoor cameras, including video doorbells and baby monitors, with advanced features like high-resolution cameras, two-way audio, and more.

Talking specifically about smart floodlight cameras, our ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY-E1 is the most feature-rich camera system you need.

So, how it can elevate your home defense is evident from the below list of features:

  • 2K FHD video with a 1/2.7" 3Mega-Pixel CMOS color sensor and 4 IR lights for undistorted and sharper video day and night.
  • 150° motion detection sensor with a detection range of 49ft/15m and a customizable detection zone to reduce false positives.
  • Real-time alert of motions on the smartphone.
  • 4G Wi-Fi connectivity for surveillance anytime, anywhere.
  • 110dB siren to scare away the intruder
  • 2-way audio and sound detection and recording.
  • Adjustable light brightness and timing.
  • Adjustable detection sensitivity.

Overall, ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY-E1 is an advanced and powerful smart floodlight camera that provides modernized home camera-based security and gives you peace of mind.



Smart floodlight cameras are improving home security and surveillance with their tech-driven features, especially their motion-powered floodlights and high-resolution videos. Therefore, it's time to install smart floodlight cameras in your home. And ieGeek makes it possible with its easy-to-configure and feature-rich camera solutions.

Our Floodlight Camera ZY-E1 is the most complete smart floodlight camera with advanced features like 2K FHD video, motion detection, two-way audio, siren, and more. Therefore, we will wrap up by recommending you check out our Floodlight Camera ZY-E1 and other camera solutions and uplift your home defense.