What Are Cellular Security Cameras

We can see security cameras everywhere in our daily life. You may not have got the faintest idea that some of them are real cameras and others are just fake cameras acting as effective burglary deterrents, It will help to build up your security system better if you can understand what fake security camera exactly is and how to spot them. In this article, we will make it clear.


What is a fake security camera?


Usually, we call Fake security cameras dummy cameras or simulated cameras. They are non-functional surveillance cameras because some manufacturers design them to fool intruders or anyone who is supposedly watching. People are intentionally placing them in a visible place so that the intruders will notice the camera and behavior well.

 Top guide on how to spot a fake security camera 2023 - ieGeek


How to spot a fake security camera


1. Light

If a security camera has flashed noticeable red lights in the evening, it’s likely to be fake. We think the red lights are able to impersonate infrared lights to attract people’s attention. On the contrary, you will notice a faint glow when you are approaching a real security camera.

In fact, most fake security cameras try to imitate this glow to make it look like a real thing. This usually leaves the fake security cameras with bright lights. As a result, the blinking bright light can be one of the key points to figuring out if the camera is real or fake. 


2. Cables

We can look at its cables for judging the dummy security camera. This is because the real security camera tends to have thick cables, and because the cables can transmit the streams and power, they are exactly functional. In contrast, the cable of a fake security camera is always very thin, they don’t need to do anything. They are produced thinner than the real ones in order to cost less.

Moreover, the cables make a fake security camera appears real, a fake security camera is inclined to be equipped with one or more than two cables, but the real security camera only has one cable, most of the battery cameras are even wire-free!


3. Rotating motion detection

In order to create a feint of motion tracking, fake security cameras are designed to patrol regularly. But the genuine security cameras, just record and send sound or light alarms once detecting any events.

Note that it doesn’t mean all real security cameras can’t swivel, the PTZ security cameras support rotating as well, they are just more expensive because of the cost of the pan, tilt and zoom features. We conclude fewer people prefer to choose ptz security cameras.


4. Network detection

Most real security cameras are supposed to be connected to WiFi for remote viewing. Here is a quick way to test a real or dummy security camera, just approach the security camera, subsequently tap on your phone’s Wi-Fi button, and check out the Wi-Fi signals. Your phone cannot detect any signal if it’s a fake security camera. On the contrary, it will show up as a Wi-Fi device when it’s real.


5. Brands

Some fake security cameras won’t show up a brand logo on the surface; some use brand names that don’t exist at all; another may use the misspellings of common brand names or sightly altered logos or markings.


6. Cheap materials

The fake security cameras are always built-in cheap plastic materials, but you can identify their quality if you can get close to the camera. Real security cameras, on the other hand, are covered with aluminum waterproof materials, you can also observe where the camera is placed.


7. Camera location

Real outdoor security cameras can resist any multiple kinds of weather such as rain, wind, or snow, like our ieGeek security cameras which are made of weatherproof, they can be placed anywhere unprotected. The fake security camera can only be put up somewhere that can defend the interior materials.


8. Power source

The majority of fake security cameras are charged by the inner battery. Whilst, the real security cameras are solar powered or the main electrical outlet of the house. If you pass by a solar panel charging to a security camera, it’s easy to spot the fake or real security camera.


The above is the top guide on how to spot a fake security camera 2023. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at service@iegeek.com