What Are Cellular Security Cameras

At ieGeek, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge security and surveillance solutions, and our commitment extends to the realm of smart nurseries. In this article, we explore how ieGeek's innovative products redefine the concept of a smart nursery, seamlessly blending security and connectivity to create a safer and more connected environment for your little ones.

Ensuring Safety with ieGeek Surveillance Cameras

Our ieGeek surveillance cameras are at the forefront of modern security, offering features that go beyond conventional monitoring. With the ieGeek Cam APP, we empower parents to stay connected to their baby's nursery, providing a live view and playback options from anywhere in the world. This ensures that you never miss a precious moment and can always keep an eye on your little one.


Live View & Playback for Ultimate Peace of Mind

Experience the convenience of real-time monitoring and the ability to review recorded footage whenever needed. Our surveillance cameras enable you to see exactly what your cameras see, ensuring that you are always in the know about your baby's activities.


Smart Object Detection and Customizable Motion Zones

We understand the importance of relevant notifications. With Smart Object Detection, filter notifications based on person, package, vehicle, or animal. Customize motion zones to monitor specific areas, allowing you to receive notifications that truly matter – creating a more personalized and efficient monitoring experience.


Introducing the ieGeek Baby Monitor 1T: A Smarter Way to Nurture

ieGeek's commitment to simplifying security extends to our Baby Monitor 1T – a feature-packed device designed to redefine how parents monitor their infants.


5 Inch Screen & 360° Viewing Angle

Our baby monitor boasts a 5-inch 720P LCD screen, providing crystal-clear visuals of your baby. The PTZ pan/tilt function allows for a 360° horizontal and 60° vertical rotation, ensuring you never miss a moment.


Motion/Noise/Crying Detection & Two-Way Talk

Receive instant notifications for motion, noise, or crying detection. The two-way talk feature allows you to comfort and communicate with your baby, even when you're not in the room.


Advanced Motion Detection and Hazardous Area Monitoring

Our baby monitor goes beyond basic features with advanced motion detection, reducing false alerts with a 99% accuracy rate. Receive notifications when your child enters specified hazardous areas, preventing potential accidents.


Creating a Connected Nursery Ecosystem

ieGeek doesn't just stop at security; we believe in creating a connected nursery ecosystem that enhances the overall parenting experience.


Temperature and Humidity Detection for Comfort and Safety

Our baby monitor includes temperature and humidity detection, providing alerts if the conditions fall outside the set range. Additionally, the device serves as a power reminder for feeding times, offering a holistic approach to baby care.


Multi-User Sharing APP for Family Connectivity

Stay connected with your family through the Multi-User Sharing APP. Share the application with others, allowing family members to watch over the baby online at any time, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility.



In short, ieGeek's surveillance cameras and baby monitor 1T epitomize the essence of a smart nursery. From advanced security features to connectivity solutions, our products are designed to simplify your parenting journey. Experience the future of nursery monitoring with ieGeek – where safety and connectivity converge seamlessly.