What Are Cellular Security Cameras

In the pursuit of fortifying your home's security, ieGeek introduces the Floodlight Camera ZY-E1, a beacon of innovation that marries cutting-edge technology with thoughtful design. This wireless marvel transcends the conventional, offering not just surveillance but a vigilant guardian for your outdoor spaces. Join us as we explore the myriad features that make the Floodlight Camera ZY-E1 the epitome of outdoor security, seamlessly blending convenience, versatility, and unparalleled performance.

PIR Motion Detection and Smart Notifications

We understand that timely alerts are crucial for effective security, and the Floodlight Camera ZY-E1 excels in this regard. With PIR temperature recognition technology, this wireless security camera swiftly identifies motion, significantly reducing false positives by an impressive 80%. Your phone becomes the command center, receiving real-time notifications that keep you informed of any activity around your property.


But what sets ieGeek apart is our commitment to comprehensive detection. Our home cameras don't just discern people; they extend their watchful gaze to animals, cars, and more. For night-time tranquility, customize motion detection settings, and if you need a break from notifications, the power is in your hands – turn them off with a simple tap.


Manual Adjustable Brightness for Tailored Illumination

Our Floodlight Camera ZY-E1 isn't just a guardian in the dark; it's a customizable source of light designed to suit your every need. Boasting 2pcs of 2600lm super bright LED lights with seven levels of brightness, this outdoor security camera offers a spectrum of illumination options. Manage energy consumption by choosing the appropriate brightness level, and ensuring your spaces are well-lit without unnecessary energy expenditure.


Picture this: Hosting a vibrant garden party and wanting to capture every moment on video? Crank up the brightness to its maximum. Or, perhaps, you're indulging in a quiet moonlit night in your garden – dial down the brightness to create a serene atmosphere. Our Floodlight Camera ZY-E1 adapts to your preferences, harmonizing security with your lifestyle.



In the realm of outdoor security, our Floodlight Camera ZY-E1 emerges not just as a surveillance device but as an integral part of your smart home ecosystem. With PIR motion detection technology and smart notifications, it keeps you in the loop, ensuring you're always aware of your surroundings. The ability to detect a spectrum of movements, paired with customizable brightness levels, reflects our commitment to tailoring security to your lifestyle.


Choose the Floodlight Camera ZY-E1 for a security solution that doesn't compromise. Elevate your outdoor space with the brilliance of ieGeek's innovation, where every feature is designed to provide peace of mind. Because when it comes to safeguarding your home, we don't just meet expectations; we redefine them. Trust ieGeek – your partner in illuminating and securing your world.