What Are Cellular Security Cameras

When should you reset your ieGeek security camera to factory settings?

In these cases, resetting will truly be a good solution:

  • You forget the security camera password;
  • You mess up the settings and want everything to return to its default setting;
  • Your security camera stops working and you want to have some troubleshooting solutions.

 How to reset ieGeek Security Cameras


Applies to: All ieGeek cameras

Note: However, after restoring the device, you will lose all your customized settings and data.
If you want to reset your ieGeek security cameras to factory defaults, you can follow these 2 reset methods: pressing the reset button or deleting the device on apps.

You can also check this video for reference below.


Method 1: Reset ieGeek Security Cameras by pressing the reset button


Above all the TOP 1 method ( easiest and most convenient ) to factory reset an ieGeek security camera is to long press the reset button.
Below are the 2 simple steps to reset the camera within less than 1 minute:

To reset ieGeek battery cameras:

Step 1: Switch on the device.
Step 2: Locate the reset button of the device, next long press the reset button for 10 seconds until you hear the reminder tone or red light flashes quickly, and release the button. 

To reset ieGeek wired security cameras:

Step 1: Power on the camera.
Step 2: Subsequently locate the reset button on the cable, and hold it for 10 seconds to factory defaults, once you hear the reminder tone, release the button.


Method 2: Reset ieGeek Security Cameras by deleting the device on the ieGeek Cam or CloudEdge app


Just launch your ieGeek security app, after pressing and holding the corresponding device in the “My Devices” list, the delete window will pop up, click “OK” to delete the device finally.

Note: The CamHi or CamHipro app doesn’t support factory reset.


The above is the guide on how to reset your ieGeek security camera. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at service@iegeek.com