ZS-GX1S - 2MP Wireless Pan-Tilt Security Camera with 355° Auto Tracking

$129.99 USD$109.99 USD

Rechargeable battery camera with 15m/49ft night vision, 355° Pan 120° tilt and can be installed anywhere for outdoor security.

1080P FHD Two-way audio
355° Pan 120° Tilt Motion Detection
Wireless Installation Solar Panel Compatible
49ft / 15m Night Vision Cloud / SD Card Storage

IG20 - 1080P Wired Outdoor WiFi Security Camera for Any Budget

$49.99 USD

With smart sound and motion detection, 20 built-in LEDs lights and 25m/82ft night vision. Support SD Card/NVR/FTP storage.

1080P FHD 25m Night Vision
Sound Detection IP66 Waterproof
Two-Way Audio Motion Detection
Real-Time Alert Dual Wi-Fi Antenna
Remote Monitoring SD Card Storage

ZS-GX2S - Outdoor Battery-Powered Cellular Bullet Camera with Spotlight & Siren

$69.99 USD

The solar powered home camera equipped with smart PIR motion detection and two way audio. Easily installed within 2 minutes.

2K FHD 2-Way Talk
Color Night Vision Real-Time Alert
Motion Detection IP65 Waterproof
Solar Panel Compatible Cloud / SD Card Storage

DD201 (With Panel) - 100% Wire-Free Outdoor Battery Security Camera

$119.99 USD

Outdoor battery camera can protect the animals in the garden or farm bettery due to the stunning night vison and two-way audio.

Clear 1080P Video 100% Wireless
Two-way Audio IP66 Waterproof
Night Vision Motion Detection
Secured Storage Solar Energy Using

IE20 - 2MP Smart Wireless PTZ Camera with Spotlight & Color Night Vision

$79.99 USD

1080P FHD camera with built in spotlight, 25m/82ft enhanced night vision distance, and auto tracking to capture color footage at night.

1080P FHD Two-Way Audio
Auto Tracking Motion Detection
Color Night Vision Instant APP Alert
355° Pan 90° Tilt 4X Digital Zoom Micro SD Card Storage
5dBi Dual Antennas Remote Access

ZS-GX1S (With Panel) - Truly Battery and Solar Powered Pan-Tilt IP Camera

$159.99 USD$139.99 USD

With wall mounted and features like 1080P FHD and 355° Pan 120° Tilt allow you to see the back garden and outbuildings.

1080P FHD 100% Wire-Free
Solar Panel 355° Pan 120° Tilt
Two-way audio Motion Detection
49ft / 15m Night Vision Cloud / Micro SD Card Storage

IE30 - Wire-Free PTZ Camera with Intelligent detection & 4X Optical Zoom

$126.99 USD

The wireless cam allows 355° Pan 90° tilt 4x zoom (PTZ), 360° auto tracking as well as intelligent human and motion detection.

1080P FHD 4X Optical Zoom
Color Night Vision 360° Auto Tracking
Human Detection 355° Pan 90° Tilt
IP65 Waterproof Motion Detection
Two-way Voice Intercom 5dBi Dual Antennas

Non-Stop Charging solar panel designed for rechargeable battery cams

$29.99 USD

Solar Panel Power Supply Designed for Home Security Outdoor Rechargeable Battery Cameras, Waterproof, Reliable and Non-Stop Charging.

  • Compatible Camera: Only compatible with ieGeek battery cameras.

  • Non-Stop Power Supply

  • Easy Installation

  • Weather-Resistant Design
  • ZS-GX2S (With Panel) - Most Popular 2K 3MP Outdoor Wire-Free Battery Camera

    $99.99 USD

    Rechargeable battery & solar powered ip camera with night vision and real-time alert. Meet everything you need for your backyard security.

    2K FHD Color Night Vision
    130° Wide Angle IP65 Waterproof
    Two-Way Audio Motion Detection
    Instant APP Alert Solar Panel Supply

    IE50 - Outdoor WiFi Person/Vehicle Detection PTZ Camera with Spotlight

    $89.99 USD

    Camera with PIR motion detection, 355° Pan 90° tilt, auto tracking, and color night vision for clear and accurate outdoor security.

    Color Night Vision 355° Pan 90° Tilt
    IP66 Weatherproof Real-time APP Alert
    Two-way audio 24/7 Recording
    Human Motion Detection Automatic Tracking

    DD201 - 1080P Outdoor WiFi Battery Powered Camera with Smart Detection

    $99.99 USD

    Wire-free battery camera captures clear footage at dark due to the 130° wide angle, 20m/66ft detection range and infrared night vision.

    1080P FHD 100% Wire-Free
    Two-way Audio IP66 Waterproof
    PIR Motion Sensor Instant APP Alert
    Rechargeable Battery Solar Panel Compatible

    S02 - Smart 1080P Wire-Free Home Security Camera with 180° Rotation

    $119.99 USD

    Wire-free solar powered cam with rechargeable battery, PIR motion detection to be the 24/7 always on call security guard.

    HD 1080P 100% Wire-Free
    Two-Way Audio IP65 Waterproof
    Solar Energy Using Stable Wi-Fi
    Up to 128GB Rechargeable Battery

    ZS-GQ1 (With Panel) - Outdoor Battery Camera with 2K Color Night Vison

    $89.99 USD

    With light and siren alarm help to drive away intruder. You can check your garage, front door, garden fast on one screen by control the APP.

    2K 3MP FHD Video 100% Wire-Free
    2-Way Audio 130° Wide Angle
    Colorful Night Vision PIR Human Detection
    Sound and light alarm IP65 Waterproof
    Rechargeable Battery 2 in 1 Outdoor Indoor

    ZS-GQ1 - 2K 3MP Wireless IP Surveillance System with Color Night Vison

    $69.99 USD

    With 130° viewing angle and up to 33ft/10m view distance, can be viewed anytime, anywhere, no need to wire hassies or wires.

    2K 3MP FHD Video 100% Wire-Free
    2-Way Audio 130° Wide Angle
    Colorful Night Vision PIR Human Detection
    Sound and light alarm IP65 Waterproof
    Rechargeable Battery 2 in 1 Outdoor Indoor

    ZS-GQ4 - Powerful 360° Spotlight Camera with Siren Protect Your Home

    $79.99 USD

    The PTZ security cam with 12 built-in LED lights, sound and light detection and to avoid false alarm. Camera can be disabled for privacy protection.

    Rotating PTZ Camera 1080P Color Night Vision
    Bright Spotlight Sound Light Alarm
    IP65 Waterptoof Motion Detection
    Instant Alerts Two Way Talk
    2.4Ghz WiFi & Cloud SD Card Storage

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