Spotlight Camera IE20


Spotlight Camera IE20

Spotlight Camera IE20



Floodlight PTZ Camera


1. How can I reset my camera?

  • If your camera can’t connect with CamHi or CamHipro APP, press the reset button (please see Structure of Tail Line of Electricity Supply) more than 20s under charging the factory settings of camera will be restored.
  • If your camera can connect with CamHi or CamHipro, you can reset the camera on your app. Please follow below ins.
  • If you use CamHipro, you can enter the “Default setting”, then click “Reset”.
  • If you use CamHi, you can enter the “System setting”, then click “Reset Camera”.

  • 2. I have selected 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and input Wi-Fi password correctly, why does the camera still not connected to Wi-Fi?

  • Please make sure the network you used in your IP camera and the phone are the same one.
  • Please make sure the network you used is 2.4G not 5.0G.
  • Wi-Fi SSID and Wi-Fi password not including special character, such as: !@#$%^&*()_+
  • Please make sure your router opens DHCP; you can log in the router setting and find the DHCP to check it closed or opened. If it close, then it will not distribute IP address to this IP camera, and it will fail.
  • Please make sure the camera's antenna is tight if you choose Wi-Fi connection.
  • Please make sure that there is no limit to the number of devices to connect the router.
  • Please make sure the Wi-Fi signal is over 80%. You can test it in "Wi-Fi setting" on app when you connect the camera with internet cable.
  • Please press the "reset button" more than 20 seconds under charging to reset the camera if you want to change connection.

  • Notice:

  • If you choose Wi-Fi connection, please make sure the Wi-Fi signal connected to the camera is up to 80%.
  • If your camera can’t connect well but your network is good, please take out your SD card and try again, may the SD card is incompatible. If the devices connected to Wi-Fi are excessive, it will cause the IP address conflict and fail to connect to Wi-Fi.
  • If you input the Wi-Fi password wrong it locks you out of the functions. So you can ‘Edit’ the camera and delete it, then re-set up the camera.

  • 3. The camera is offline after a few months? It cannot be connected automatically after being offline?

    Please check:

  • If the camera is powered normally or not.
  • If the antenna is tightened.
  • If the connected devices are excessive or not.
  • If the signal intensity changes or not.
  • If there is IP address conflict or not.
  • Please reboot your camera and the router to check it again. Just unplug the power supply and plug it back.

    If it can’t connect, please take out the micro SD card and reset the camera, then reconnect it.

    4. How to reconnect a disconnected camera which is installed on wall?

    After the camera has been installed on the wall, it is not necessary to remove the camera. You can use AP mode to connect your camera.

    Here are the steps:

  • Delete the camera from your app first, then re-start your router.
  • Press reset button for 20 seconds, you can see three cables on your camera, the first one is for RJ45 port, the second one is for power supply, the third one is reset button.
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes, the camera need to reboot at this time, you don't need to do any things, just wait for it.
  • Access your phone's WLAN Setting, and find the Wi-Fi which named IPCAM-XXXXX(such as this).
  • Input the password to connect this Wi-Fi (IPCAM-XXXXX), the initial password is 01234567.
  • Back to CamHi or CamHipro app, click "Add Camera" - "Search Camera From LAN".
  • After you connected your camera, please click "Wi-Fi setting" "Wi-Fi Manager" to choose the Wi-Fi which you want to connect.

  • 5. Why is there still only 14-second video after setting 900-second video?

    Alarm recording is just for 10-14 seconds. It's difficult for some clients who use FTP storage to save a long video. But plan recording can be set for 15-900 seconds.

    6. Why does FTP just upload the pictures but no videos?

    If you want to save videos to FTP, you need to insert a micro SD card into your camera. Then the camera will save the alarm recordings to your FTP.

    7. Why the recording time does not sync with the actual time?

    Please access “Time Setting” to select the right time zone where the camera is install and notice whether the local time is daylight-saving time. If the time is setting wrong, you may not search the camera recordings.

    8. Why I can't find my recordings?

    Please try to click the search icon to search your recordings.

    9. How do I connect my camera to my new wifi supplier?

    Please enter your app “wifi setting” to connect the camera to your new wifi or phone hotspot first. Otherwise, you need to reset the camera then follow A4 to reconnect the camera.

    10. Micro SD card cannot be recognized.

    Maybe there is something wrong with the micro SD card or the card slot. Please check whether the SD card is compatible or not and whether SD card is damaged or not.

    Please try to format your micro SD card, and then reconnect again. Micro SD card in the camera is more easily damaged than in the other device because the SD card is reading and writing the videos all the time in the camera.

    If it still can’t work after you format the micro SD card, please change another micro SD card. It is suggested to use SanDisk special white security micro SD card, class 10 (legal), not over than 128GB. 64GB is suggested.

    11. After download videos via phone app, why can’t find them in my phone gallery?

    Please find your downloaded videos in the app, then click the save icon to save the videos to your phone gallery. The alarm recordings time length is fixed at 14 seconds. The plan recordings time length can set between 15-900 seconds.

    12. Does the micro SD card will automatically overwrite the recordings?

    Our all camera has loop recording function. It will cover the previous recordings when the micro SD card is full. You can download the important recordings before it overwrites. 128GB Micro SD card can record up to 2 weeks. 64GB can record up to 1 week. 32GB can record 3-4 days. 16GB can record 2-3days.

    13. Does the camera work without network?

    Our camera can work well without network. And you can connect your camera with your phone hotspot, mobile Wi-Fi or home Wi-Fi and etc. Or take out the micro SD card to view all the recordings on your computer.

    14. It is black at night and I can't view anything.

    Please put your finger on the infrared sensor when the camera is connected with the power. If the red LEDs are on, please adjust your camera's angle to check it again. It may cause by the refraction of light. Please make sure IR CUT setting is set to "auto" on HiP2P (The initial setting is auto). If it doesn't work, please contact us.

    15. I want to upgrade the firmware but failed each time.

    The prefixes shall be constant during the process of upgrading the firmware, you can see the prefixes from camera's setting "Device Information". Besides, please make sure that the camera and your computer are under the same network. If you are not sure which firmware you need, please send the current firmware version to inquire us. We will help you.

    16. What’s the URL ( Uniform Resource Locator ) of ONVIF and RTSP?

    The URL of the camera is 8080 and 554. For example, you camera IP address is, your ONVIF port of main stream is onvif:// and ONVIF port of secondary stream is onvif:// Your RTSP port of main stream is rtsp:// and RTSP port of secondary stream rtsp://

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