ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY-E1

ZY-E1 Floodlight Camera - ieGeek
ZY-E1 Floodlight Camera - ieGeek
Cámara reflectora ZY-E1
Cámara reflectora ZY-E1
ZY-E1 Floodlight Camera - ieGeek
ZY-E1 Floodlight Camera - ieGeek
Cámara reflectora ZY-E1
Cámara reflectora ZY-E1
2K Wired Flood Light2600 LumensWork with Alexa

Floodlight Camera ZY-E1

$120.99 USD
$299.98 USD
  • 2023 Smart Floodlight Camera: Floodlight security camera realizes light monitoring two in one and functions far beyond traditional floodlights. Enhance your security by adding iegeek surveillance, motion alert, custom detection area, 110dB siren, real-time notification via 2-way audio, working with Alexa and more. For those juggling family and work, you won't miss out on time with your family while ensuring their safety and privacy.
  • 2K FHD Video & Colorful Night Vision: ieGeek outdoor security camera features a 1/2.7" 2K 3Mega CMOS color sensor for sharper, undistorted pictures day or night. 4 IR lights intelligently sense ambient light and switch to color night vision mode, the monitor distance is up to 49ft/15m. Floodlight cam wired pro keeps you Peace of mind day and night.
  • Intelligent Detection & Real-time Alerts: Setting a motion detection zone allows the wired security camera to focus on motion in your property, reducing 80% false positives. You can set monitor area shape freely, as set a square for garden and a oval for car.



$120.99 USD
$299.98 USD

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ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY E1 (WIFI SEUP) APP INSTALL


ieGeek Floodlight Cam ZY-E1 Unboxing and Installation| Best Floodlight Security Camera (2023)


ieGeek ZY-E1 Super Bright Led Flood Light Security Camera

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ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY E1 (Info & Setup)


ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY E1 (WIFI SEUP) APP INSTALL


ieGeek Floodlight Cam ZY-E1 Unboxing and Installation| Best Floodlight Security Camera (2023)


ieGeek wifi security camera is equipped with the latest 2K color sensor 1/2.7CMOS and LED lamp, to bring you clear night vision video like daytime.

Motion Activate Lights and Alarm

  • The flood light outdoor with a 150° motion sensor and a detection range of up to 49ft/15m will activate the 2pcs 6000K floodlights and alarm system if someone enters the detection range. ieGeek security camera will receive a real-time notification on the ieGeek Cam App.
  • If it happens at night, the light will be turned on automictically. 110dBi alarm siren can be manually triggered to scare away the intruder when meeting any abnormality.

2-way Audio and Sound Detection

  • The built-in microphone and speaker on this ip camera will allow you to record clear video sound. Whether you're nearby or not, you can talk to the person in front of the floodlight cam and scare away thieves.
  • Beside, camera can send alarm notification to your phone when detecting a sound. With this feature, you can immediately respond to children playing in the yard, especially when they cry.

PIR Motion Detection and App Notifications

  • The PIR temperature recognition technology in this wireless security camera quickly identifies motion and sends real-time notifications to your phone. Effectively reduce false positives by 80%.
  • ieGeek home cameras can detect not only people, but also animals, cars, and more. If you want to disable this feature at night, please set the time period for motion detection. You can also turn off notifications at any time.

Upgarded 2K 3MP Outside Camera with LED Light, Make See People and Objects More Clearly From a Distance.

Compared with another camera without lights, night vision distance of ieGeek outdoor camera is up to 82 feet/25 meters. Meanwhile,130° wide-angle help to detect and scar away intruders before they approach your car. Offer you peace of mind day and night.

Manual Adjustable Brightness

  • The outdoor security camera features 2pcs 2600lm super bright LED light with 7 levels of brightness, so you can choose the level of light that suits your needs. This design also helps to save energy.
  • For example, if you're recording a video to commemorate a party in the garden, adjust the brightness to be as bright as possible. Or if you're admiring the moon in the garden, adjust the brightness to be as low as possible.

Manual Adjustable Detection Sensitivity

  • ieGeek wireless security camera system with motion sensor's motion detection sensitivity can be adjusted between 1-10 stops.
  • You can set different detection levels according to the objects you need to detect, and let animals trigger like humans, so that you can not only see the elderly and children in the yard, but also what small animals are doing.

Customize Security Lighting Plan

  • The outdoor wireless security camera has a built-in intelligent control chip that lets you set the light to be always on or customize the lighting time. The light will automatically turn on at the corresponding time. You also can turn on or off light freely.
  • For example, if you go home at 6pm, have dinner in the backyard, read a book, and go back to the room at 10pm to rest, you can set your lights to turn on from 6pm-10pm.

Tech Specs

Included in the box

1ieGeek Floodlight Camera *1
Mounting Plate *1
Installation Hook *1
Central Screw *1
Central Screw Cap *1
Plate Screws *3
Wire Nuts *3
Instruction Manual *1

Quick Start Guide



Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Decent camera and good instructions

This latest model replaces a fixed camera. I was looking for something that could move to check for parcels delivered to the back door and could also swivel to take in the rest of the garden. We get foxes, hedgehogs and cats visiting at night , and it drives our dogs crazy. Im looking forward to seeing how youd the night vision is but so far the daytime view is very clear and the camera movement is very smooth and responsive. Installation was so straightforward and the app is good too. Great value, and I am thinking of getting another one for the front of the house.

The PM
A tip re installing...

I have a lot of these, albeit white ones and other ieGeek models but they all have the same problem - installation especially out of easy reach. I have reviewed already but here is my hot tip based on experience!

They can be a nightmare and even dangerous to install - wobbling at the top of a ladder, trying to drill tiny holes in just the right place then trying with one hand to tighten the tiny screws into the impossible to reach holes behind the cowling whilst trying not to drop the camera with they other hand. As for steadying yourself up that ladder.... forget it! The tiny screws often end up having stripped heads because of having to screw them in from an angle into wood that's hardened with age or worse still plugs in stone walls.

So, I don't even try any more! I make up mounts to which I firmly attach the cameras in comfort before screwing the mount in place, using only two human sized screws that can easily be turned with a human sized screwdriver without damage or being a contortionist.

Pics are self explanatory, of course the actual mount will depend on the installation. This one if for under the eaves.

lee weller
Sensitive in motion detection mode

Good quality images,but at night find the sensor sets it off way to much. If in colour mode the light seems to be on more than off.we use infa red mode still good picture.
Set it up to Ethernet cable now but did use wifi at first seemed fine on that just wanted wired to stop drop out. Only had it up for a week and caught some scumbag trying car door handles at four in morning. well worth the money but will need mini SD card, I use 256gig one lasts over a week before re writing over .
Had to buy Ethernet cable and run through wall
Power cable is thin and three meter long, you can buy power transformer extensions if needed. I rean mine in to garage power socket and hid wire.

Excellent security camera

This is a great camera. It arrived well packaged with everything you need to install it, including a clear and comprehensive instruction manual in well written English. This takes you through the setup process step by step and when combined with the CamHipro app it makes the setup process very quick and easy. I carried out the initial setup using the supplied ethernet cable and then added the wifi connection. Using this method it shouldnt take longer than 5 - 10 mins to setup.

The camera itself looks very well built and is IP66 rated, which I need as the camera is positioned outside. The picture quality is excellent both at night and during the day with good range and clarity, whether in SD or HD, and recordings can be saved to an SD card inside the camera.

I have another security camera which is static and this camera is larger but has the significant benefit of being able to rotate and control the pitch through the app by swiping your finger across the image. It's very responsive and a great feature. As I use the camera outside, the motion detection and auto tracking function are a clever and really useful feature, and you can set the app up to receive a push notification when movement is detected. Apparently, it includes a siren to scare away intruders and two way audio, but I've not tried this yet and the two way audio is not a feature I need, but others might.

Overall, Im very pleased with the camera quality and the functions it includes. The integration with the app works really well and incorporates many features that are useful for my use, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in a controllable security camera.

V J Chittenden
This camera does it all!

This is the second iGeek camera I have purchased. I have found with iGeek cameras I get reliable connection between the app and the camera compared with other makes of cameras I have owned. Also their customer service is friendly and efficient.

This new IE20 360 security camera is bigger than my previous one but that's because it has the ability to rotate in two planes. When I read that it can rotate 360 I didn't fully believe it, but it can literally see all around itself.

Setting up this camera was a breeze. There is no need to connect the supplied ethernet cable. You simply switch the camera on and then find its wi-fi signal on your phone - then you enter the supplied password and once connected you can supply your home wi-fi network settings (password, etc) to the camera and it's all done! Once you have installed the CamHiPro app on your phone you can see the camera feed and adjust various settings such as quality (HD or SD) and colour or B/W night vision. You can move the camera up and down or left and right by swiping on your phone screen. You can also zoom in.

The image quality in all modes is excellent. I was particularly impressed with the colour night vision. Colours are rendered accurately even when there is hardly any light (see photo).

From the app, you can also enable, individually, the microphone (to hear what the camera hears) and the speaker (to be able to speak to callers, intruders etc)

To use the CamHiPro app on my PC I use BlueStacks 5 Android emulator. This allows me to monitor my cameras on my PC monitor, to save my phone battery.

Really I am completely happy with these iGeek cameras. They work exactly as I expect, without any hassle.

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Cámara reflectora ZY-E1

White / 2-Cam
White / 2-Cam
$299.98 USD $120.99 USD