Cloud Storage Automatic Subscription Service Agreement

Iegeek cloud storage automatic subscription service agreement

This agreement is the "Iegeek Cloud Storage Automatic Subscription Service Agreement". Please read these rules and terms carefully before clicking "Pay" to use. When you activate the Iegeek subscription service, you are deemed to have fully understood and agreed to the following rules of use:


  1. This service is a cloud storage service provided to you on the premise that you have activated the Iegeek cloud storage automatic subscription service. If you activate this service, you are deemed to authorize our company to have the right to deduct the service fee for the next service cycle from your Apple ID account when your service is about to expire. The service cycle includes 1 month and 1 year (specifically based on the service cycle you actually choose to activate); the number of service devices corresponding to the service cycle includes 1, 2, 4, 8, etc. (specifically based on the service equipment you actually choose to activate The quantity shall prevail); the service level includes two service levels of storage of motion detection video within 7 days and storage of motion detection video within 30 days (specifically, the service level you choose to activate shall prevail). After you activate this service, please make sure that the available balance of the payment method selected for your Apple ID account is not less than the single selected service fee. If the automatic subscription service fails due to reasons such as not using your Apple ID account or insufficient deductible balance of your existing Apple ID account, the service provider is not responsible for any liability.
  1. Automatic subscription service account will automatically charge your contracted account 24 hours before the expiration of each service period and extend the validity period of your service according to the corresponding package. If the Iegeek automatic subscription service fee is adjusted before or during the automatic subscription renewal, the changed price shall prevail. If you need to cancel the automatic subscription, please manually go the phone "Settings" -->Enter "iTunes Store and App Store"-->Click "Apple ID"-->Select "View Apple ID"-->Enter "Account Settings" -->Click "Subscribe", then select Iegeek subscription service and cancel the automatic subscription. If you do not close the subscription 24 hours before the end of the subscription period, you will be deemed to agree to continue to authorize, and the subscription will be automatically renewed.
  1. In view of the characteristics of the virtual goods of this service, you understand and agree that this service does not support returns or exchanges or replacement after purchase, and the costs that may still be incurred such as suspension or termination will be paid by you. Under the automatic subscription service, you have the right to choose to unsubscribe from this service at any time through the above setting methods, but after you choose to unsubscribe from this service, the service fee that Iegeek has renewed will not be refunded, and you can enjoy the Iegeek service until the renewed service deadline.


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