ieGeek Battery Camera ZS-GX4S - 5MP

5MP Solar Outdoor Security Camera

Image and video quality upgraded to 5 MP. Compatible with Alexa. Intelligent Human Detection & Spotlight/Sound Siren.

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Appareil photo à batterie ZS-GX1S (avec panneau)
Appareil photo à batterie ZS-GX1S (avec panneau)
Appareil photo à batterie ZS-GX1S (avec panneau)
Appareil photo à batterie ZS-GX1S (avec panneau)
Appareil photo à batterie ZS-GX1S (avec panneau)
Appareil photo à batterie ZS-GX1S (avec panneau)
Appareil photo à batterie ZS-GX1S (avec panneau)
Appareil photo à batterie ZS-GX1S (avec panneau)
Appareil photo à batterie ZS-GX1S (avec panneau)
Appareil photo à batterie ZS-GX1S (avec panneau)
Appareil photo à batterie ZS-GX1S (avec panneau)
Appareil photo à batterie ZS-GX1S (avec panneau)
5MP HD360° ViewWorks with Alexa

Battery Camera ZS-GX4S

$179.99 USD
$259.98 USD
  • 5MP Ultra HD Quality & Color Night Vision: ieGeek solar security camera in 2023 new upgrade 5 megapixel, than 3MP security camera outdoor to provide higher quality images and video. 4 IR lights automatically sense ambient light and switch to color night vision mode, the monitor distance is up to 50ft/15m.
  • 100% Wireless & Solar Powered & 360°View: This outdoor camera wireless has three built-in rechargeable batteries. An included solar panel replenishes its power. 100% wireless and uninterrupted power lets you set up quickly and without frequent disassembly for charging.
  • Intelligent Motion Detection & Automatic Alerts: ieGeek outdoor security camera significantly enhances human-like recognition to reduce false alarms. When the PIR motion detection sensor detects motion, the outdoor solar camera's floodlight and siren will automatically activate to scare away uninvited guests and send you an instant notification via the 2.4G network.




Please allow 2-5 business days for product preparation

$179.99 USD
$259.98 USD

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ieGeek Battery Powered Camera / Wireless Security Camera pd

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ieGeek ZS-GX4S Installation | 2K 5MP Outdoor PTZ Security Camera with Spotlights


ieGeek ZS-GX4S Outdoor: Smart auto-tracking Wi-Fi Cam with 5MP Resolution & AI Detection


ieGeek 5mp solar ptz wifi camera

CCTV, Security and gadget reviews

ieGeek ZS-GX4S Installation | 2K 5MP Outdoor PTZ Security Camera with Spotlights


ieGeek 5mp solar ptz wifi camera

CCTV, Security and gadget reviews

Intelligent Recognition of What You Want

* Paid features. Support recognition of pets (cats and dogs)/ cars/ packages.

Scaring Away Unwanted Visitors

The new alarm system automatically turns on the floodlights/siren to protect your property.

Focus on the Locations You Care About

When the security camera detects motion, you will receive an alert notification within 2 seconds.

Never Miss a Moment of Excitement

Even if you don't view the alert messages, you can see what happened from the history playback.

Support SD Card Storage

This security camera outdoor wireless supports Micro SD Card up to 128G to save the images or videos you record every day. When the capacity is full, the previous data will be overwritten by new data.

Support Encrypted Cloud Storage

This solar security cameras wireless outdoor provides cloud storage service, and you can enjoy a 7-day free trial.

Live 2 Way Talk

ieGeek outdoor wireless security camera has a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can hear and talk to others on the "ieGeek Cam" app.

Families Share Together

You can invite your family to visit this home security camera and share a happy time together!

View Multiple ieGeek Devices Simultaneously

To facilitate your management of ieGeek devices, "ieGeek Cam" APP supports live view of 4 devices at the same time, including doorbell, solar security camera, floodlight camera, indoor camera, etc.

Multi-System Compatibility

  • ieGeek solar powered camera is compatible with Alexa. First complete the camera setup, then connect the camera to the Alexa app. You can use voice control to have the Alexa camera display live images to you.
  • Our solar wifi camera support connect to iOS / Android smartphones, smartwatches and tablets.

Your Privacy is Our Top Priority

  • ieGeek 5mp security camera use the Advanced Encryption Standard technology AESI28, which is a commercial and government data encryption standard adopted by the US federal government.
  • Whether the images are stored on SD cards or in the cloud, they are encrypted for privacy and only you can see them.

4dBi Metal Dual WiFi Antenna

  • ieGeek camera offers a more stable network connection and wider range, significantly reduces poor connection issues.
  • Supports only 2.4GHz WiFi. Not 5G.

Wireless & Easy to install

  • This 5mp camera does not require the arrangement of annoying wires or power cords. You can have more mounting options and save installation time.

IP65 Waterproof

  • This solar outdoor camera housing is made of excellent waterproof material, you don't need to worry about rain and snow affecting the battery life.

Hassle-free Service

  • ieGeek provides you 2 YEARS warranty. If you encounter any problems, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Tech Specs

Included in the box

Security Camera *1
5V Micro USB Power Cable *1
User Manual *1
Camera Bracket *1
1/4 inch Side Manual Screws (only for bracket) *4
1/4 inch Screw Hats (only for bracket) *4
Solar Panel *1
Solar Panel Bracket *1
1/4 inch Screw Hats (Only for Solar Panel Bracket) *3

Quick Start Guide



Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Great Deal!

We own an earlier version of the ieGeek security camera and have been very pleased with it. This newer version offers upgrades from our current unit that include the Pan and Tilt control, as well as the solar power panel. So we purchased this ieGeek Security Camera and could not be more pleased.

Easy, quick, simple installation and operation for both the camera and the solar panel. The ability to pan and zoom is a great feature and it has a solid, well-made feel to it. We are very pleased with the purchase!

An advanced 5 star security camera

This is an independent review of the PTZ wireless security camera supplied by IEGeek. The camera was delivered well-packaged and all components were present. The CloudEdge app was easily downloaded and is user-friendly.

A bracket is included that makes it easy to mount the camera. The pan-tilt capability works well and is an important and noteworthy feature of this security camera. The images taken both day and night are outstanding and of remarkable clarity and quality. For comparison purposes, the 2 screenshots are of an identical view recorded day and night.

An essential feature of the PTZ security camera is that it is solar and battery powered. Because it is known that a solar panel captures only 15-18 percent of the energy of the suns rays that shine upon it, obviously the positioning of the solar panel is critical. The panel should be placed trying to avoid shading from adjacent trees, buildings, etc., so as to maximize its exposure to the sun throughout the day. Generally, in the northern hemisphere the face of the panel is best somewhat tilted toward the south. The cable supplied connecting the solar panel to the camera is 12 feet long. An extension cable can be added, if necessary, to suitably position the solar panel. The photo shows how I mounted my solar panel and camera.

Be sure to fully charge the batteries before mounting the camera. My camera has been in operation for 2 weeks and the charge remains at 100%.

I rate the ieGeek PTZ wireless security camera as 5 stars.

Feature-rich, well-built camera

You can't find another camera with these features at this price point - human detection to avoid false alerts from cats, solar charging via included solar panel, huge battery, PTZ.
Build quality is great too, feels like a very expensive camera.
Attaching to the wall was very easy due to the fact that you first attach a metal plate to the wall, and only then attach the camera to the metal plate. This is easier than other cameras which get attached directly to the wall.
I have been using it for a few days so far and no issues, works great.

The feature I miss the most is activity zones. But at this price point very few cameras have it anyway.

Edit: Battery life turned out to be not so great, so it's important that you place your solar panel in the sun.

Diana J
Finally a Great Camera

After many months of comparison shopping, I finally found a camera that meets all of our needs. In the 3 months since purchase, it has performed brilliantly in raging snow storms, sub-zero weather, torrential rains and even extremely high winds. I love that you can control the camera's angle to pan up, down, left and right. The (adjustable) motion detection sensor works pretty well and the solar panel seems to be doing the job, though mine is facing north. Because of that, I imagine that I will need to manually charge it more often than most, but I positioned it near a second story window so that it can be charged with ease. In the 3 months that I've had it, it is only reduced to 51% so I haven't recharged it yet. The app isn't the best (though that seems to be the challenge with all of the cameras that I looked at), but it is quite serviceable. I'm using an SD card and it is working like a charm. Install was easy and I mounted both the camera and the solar panel by myself in about 20 minutes. Wi-fi stability is A+. My favorite feature is that I now have the ability to hear people talking outside and can communicate with them from anywhere in my house. I feel pampered. :)

Solar Powered PTZ Camera - Installs Anywhere!

So far this camera has been pretty solid. It's just a temporary install until can get the right location figured out. Picture quality is very good although the "fish eye" lens does distort a little. You will need the CloudEdge app for this camera and the app only works on mobile devices. I keep it on HD. The diversity antennas are strong enough to reach my router through quite a bit of concrete and glass.

Night Vision - GREAT
PTZ response - Very Good

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Appareil photo à batterie ZS-GX1S (avec panneau)

US / White / 2-Cam
US / White / 2-Cam
$259.98 USD $179.99 USD