What Are Cellular Security Cameras

At ieGeek, we recognize the utmost significance of ensuring the safety of your loved ones and protecting your property. When it comes to home security, our commitment is to provide solutions that prioritize your peace of mind.That's why our state-of-the-art front door cameras are engineered to provide you with unparalleled peace of mind. Let's delve into the features and benefits that make ieGeek the go-to brand for safeguarding your home.


Seamless Integration with the ieGeek Cam APP

At the heart of our surveillance system lies the innovative ieGeek Cam app, designed to simplify your security experience. Stay connected to your front door camera from anywhere, with live view and playback options ensuring you never miss a moment. The app's user-friendly interface empowers you to customize motion zones, receive smart push notifications, and even engage in two-way communication with visitors, all at your fingertips.


The Doorbell Camera Bell J1: A Revolution in Home Security

Crystal-Clear Vision in Day and Night

ieGeek's Doorbell Camera Bell J1 takes front door monitoring to the next level with its 2K QHD resolution. Enjoy a wider perspective with the 166° viewing angle and rest assured with clear visibility even in low-light conditions, thanks to the built-in IR night vision.


Intelligent PIR Human Detection for Instant Alerts

Our advanced PIR sensor ensures immediate notifications when someone approaches your front door. The two-way audio feature allows real-time communication, enhancing your ability to interact with visitors or send pre-recorded messages.


Privacy Protection and Customization

Guarding Your Privacy with Sound Tones

When a stranger knocks, choose from three optional sounds via the "ieGeek Cam" app to mask the original sound, providing an extra layer of privacy and security. Ideal for households with women or children home alone.


Motion Detection Tailored to Your Needs

With five levels of detection sensitivity, the Doorbell Camera Bell J1 distinguishes between people and objects, allowing you to customize alerts based on your preferences and daily routines.


Intelligent Battery Management

Powered by rechargeable batteries, the Doorbell Camera Bell J1 provides a cordless installation experience. Receive real-time battery status alerts via the CloudEdge app, ensuring your surveillance system is always ready.



IeGeek is not just a brand; it's a commitment to simplifying security and providing you with the best tools to protect what matters most. With our cutting-edge front door cameras, powered by the intuitive ieGeek Cam app, you can experience a new level of control and assurance. Invest in ieGeek, invest in your peace of mind.