What Are Cellular Security Cameras

As we delve into the realm of cutting-edge surveillance technology, one brand stands out for its commitment to providing top-notch security solutions – ieGeek. Our wireless IP cameras redefine the way you safeguard your property, offering unparalleled features and reliability. Let's explore the revolutionary world of ieGeek and its flagship product, the wireless IP camera.

The Pinnacle of Security Innovation


At ieGeek, we understand the paramount importance of security in today's fast-paced world. Our wireless IP cameras epitomize innovation, seamlessly integrating advanced technology to provide you with a robust security solution. From live monitoring to intelligent object detection, ieGeek's commitment to making security simpler is evident in every aspect of our wireless IP cameras.


Unleashing the Power of Wireless Freedom


With ieGeek wireless IP cameras, bid farewell to the constraints of traditional wired setups. The 4G LTE Cellular Battery Camera ZY-G1 exemplifies this wireless freedom, designed for places without Wi-Fi or electrical power. This security camera operates effortlessly on nationwide 4G networks, making it an ideal choice for outdoor locations such as farms, construction sites, and vacation homes.


Cutting-edge Features of ZY-G1


Wire-Free Operation

Powered by a 10,000mAh rechargeable battery and a 5W solar panel, the ZY-G1 ensures uninterrupted surveillance without the hassle of electric cables.


No Wi-Fi Needed

Ideal for areas without Wi-Fi coverage, the ZY-G1 seamlessly connects to 3G/4G networks from Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. A prepaid 4G SIM card with 100M free data is included, eliminating activation fees.


Smart Motion Detection

Equipped with an advanced PIR motion sensor, the ZY-G1 detects movements sensitively, offering customizable sensitivity levels (1-10) to reduce false alerts.


Capturing Every Detail with Precision


IeGeek's wireless IP cameras go beyond traditional surveillance, providing a 360° view with 4X digital zoom. The 2K high resolution, coupled with pan and tilt capabilities, ensures you don't miss a single detail. Color night vision, with built-in infrared LED lights, extends your monitoring capabilities even in low-light conditions.


Key Features at a Glance


Color Night Vision: Captures full-color details up to 33 feet away.

Weather Resistance: With IP66 weatherproof performance, ieGeek cameras withstand the toughest weather conditions.

Local Storage: Utilizing H.265X storage design, the cameras support up to 128GB TF card storage, including a free 64GB Micro SD card.


Real-Time Alerts and Seamless Communication


Stay connected to your security device with the ieGeek Cam app, allowing live view and playback from anywhere. Receive motion-activated push notifications directly to your mobile device, and use the two-way audio feature to communicate with visitors, whether you're at home or away.


Additional Features for Enhanced Security


Spotlight Alarm: Triggered upon motion detection, ward off unwanted guests with a spotlight alarm and smart siren.

Multi-User Remote Access: Share the monitoring experience with unlimited users, ensuring comprehensive coverage.




In brief, ieGeek wireless IP cameras redefine the standards of security. Our commitment to innovation, coupled with features like wire-free operation, intelligent motion detection, and seamless communication, positions ieGeek as a leader in the realm of surveillance technology. Embrace the future of security with ieGeek – where simplicity meets reliability.