What Are Cellular Security Cameras

We feel at ease knowing that ieGeek provides a dependable solution with its sophisticated features. We'll go over the features and advantages of the ieGeek wireless CCTV camera in this post, emphasizing how it may improve home security.

Crystal Clear 2K/3MP Quad HD Video and Color Night Vision

The ieGeek wireless CCTV camera provides crystal clear images and videos in stunning 2K/3MP Quad HD resolution. Regardless of weather conditions, this camera ensures that we have a clear view of my surroundings. Additionally, it offers 50ft color night vision, allowing us to see detailed and vivid footage even in low-light situations. With ieGeek, we never miss a moment, day or night.


Solar Powered and 100% Wire-Free Convenience

What sets the ieGeek wireless CCTV camera apart is its solar-powered functionality. With a built-in solar panel and 5200mAh batteries, this camera ensures eternal power. We no longer need to worry about removing the camera to charge it or dealing with the hassle of power cords. The wireless design provides flexibility in camera placement, making installation quick and easy. With ieGeek, we enjoy the convenience of a wire-free security solution.


Flexible Pan Tilt, 360° Coverage, and 2-Way Audio

The ieGeek wireless CCTV camera offers flexibility and comprehensive coverage with its pan tilt functionality. With a 355° horizontal rotation and 120° vertical rotation, we have full control of the camera's view through the app. The 4X digital zoom allows us to focus on specific areas for detailed monitoring. The camera's 130-degree wide-angle lens guarantees a panoramic shot of every corner of my home, shop, or garage. With the added feature of 2-way audio, we can communicate and listen remotely, further enhancing the security of my property.



With its crystal clear 2K/3MP Quad HD video, color night vision capabilities, solar-powered convenience, flexible pan tilt functionality, and 2-way audio, ieGeek offers unmatched security and peace of mind. We can trust in ieGeek's advanced technology and innovative features to keep my property safe and well-monitored. Invest in the ieGeek wireless CCTV camera today and experience the difference it makes in enhancing your home security.