What Are Cellular Security Cameras

With our cutting-edge features and technology, ieGeek provides a complete surveillance solution that satisfies all of my needs. We'll go into the features and advantages of the ieGeek 360 outside camera in this post, demonstrating how it gives our house total peace of mind.

5MP Ultra HD Quality and Color Night Vision

The ieGeek 360 outdoor camera sets a new standard with its 5-megapixel ultra HD quality. It delivers higher resolution images and videos compared to traditional 3MP security cameras, ensuring exceptional clarity and detail. Additionally, with its four infrared lights, the camera automatically switches to color night vision mode, providing clear monitoring even in low-light conditions. With a monitor distance of up to 50ft/15m, we can trust ieGeek to capture every important moment, day or night.


100% Wireless and Solar Powered Convenience

With the ieGeek 360 outdoor camera, we enjoy the convenience of a 100% wireless installation. The camera is equipped with three built-in batteries, ensuring uninterrupted power for extended periods. To replenish its power, an included solar panel efficiently charges the camera. This eliminates the need for frequent disassembly and charging, allowing for a hassle-free setup. With ieGeek, we can focus on security without worrying about power cords or battery replacements.


Intelligent Motion Detection and Automatic Alerts

The ieGeek 360 outdoor camera features intelligent motion detection that significantly enhances human-like recognition, reducing false alarms. When the PIR motion detection sensor detects motion, the camera's floodlight and siren automatically activate, deterring uninvited guests. Furthermore, we receive instant notifications via the 2.4G network, keeping me informed of any suspicious activity. With ieGeek, we have complete control and can take immediate action to protect my property.



When it comes to comprehensive surveillance, the ieGeek 360 outdoor camera is the ultimate choice. With its 5MP ultra HD quality, color night vision capabilities, 100% wireless and solar-powered convenience, as well as intelligent motion detection with automatic alerts, ieGeek ensures complete peace of mind for my home. We trust in ieGeek's advanced technology and commitment to security to keep our property safe and protected. Invest in the ieGeek 360 outdoor camera today and experience the difference it makes in enhancing your home's surveillance.