What Are Cellular Security Cameras

With its advanced features and innovative technology, ieGeek offers a solution that is both convenient and reliable. In this article, we will explore the benefits and capabilities of the ieGeek battery operated night vision security camera, highlighting how it provides unparalleled security for my home.

100% Wire-Free and Solar Powered Convenience

With the ieGeek battery operated night vision security camera, we can enjoy the convenience of a 100% wire-free installation. No power cords or network cables are required, making it easy to mount the camera both indoors and outdoors. What sets this camera apart is its non-stop solar-powered functionality. We no longer need to climb ladders to replace batteries periodically. The sustainable solar power ensures continuous operation, providing us with peace of mind knowing that my security camera is always powered.


High-Quality Video and Color Night Vision

The ieGeek battery operated night vision security camera offers exceptional video quality with its 2K QHD resolution. Whether it's day or night, this camera captures clear and detailed footage. Equipped with three infrared lights, it automatically switches to night vision mode, providing a monitor distance of up to 33ft. With its 120° wide-angle lens, the camera covers a vast area, ensuring that every corner we wish to monitor is in clear view.


AI Human Recognition and PIR Motion Detection

The upgraded PIR sensor in the ieGeek battery operated night vision security camera allows for quick and accurate detection of human presence. With this feature, we receive instant alarm notifications in less than 3 seconds, no matter where we are. we can record the event videos and easily share them with friends or review them later. This camera ensures that we never miss any important activity and provides an added layer of security for our property.



With its wire-free and solar-powered convenience, high-quality video and color night vision capabilities, as well as AI human recognition and PIR motion detection, ieGeek offers unparalleled security for our property. we can trust in ieGeek's advanced technology and innovative features to keep my home safe and well-monitored. Invest in the ieGeek battery operated night vision security camera today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is protected by the best in the industry.