Spotlight Camera ZS-GQ4


Spotlight Camera ZS-GQ4

Spotlight Camera ZS-GQ4



1. In the process of using this product, if you encounter the following problems, you can adjust the motion detection sensitivity to solve them.

  • If the phone receives alarm messages too frequently, it is recommended to lower the motion detection level or set the alarm area.
  • If you find that there are no moving objects in the alarm picture that the phone frequently receives, it may be due to factors such as changes in light and shadow in the motion detection range, it is recommended to lower the motion detection level or set the alarm area.

  • 2. The device prompts ofine?

  • Check whether the equipment is in the power-on state, and observe whether the working light of the equipment is on normally.
  • Check whether the Wi-Fi network is in good condition and restart the router.
  • If the device is located far away from the router, which results in the inability to obtain a good Wi-Fi signal, it is recommended to move the router to a closer place or ensure the Wi-Fi signal strength is to be over than 85% to improve the Wi-Fi performance of the home.
  • Delete the camera from your CloudEdge account and add it again after resetting the device. Check whether the device firmware and application program are the latest version.

  • 3. Update router or Wi-Fi password?

  • Delete the camera from your CloudEdge account. After resetting the device, use the new Wi-Fi and password to add it again.

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