ieGeek Battery Camera ZS-GX2S

ZS-GX2S Battery Camera - ieGeek
ZS-GX2S Battery Camera - ieGeek
ZS-GX2S Battery Camera - ieGeek
ZS-GX2S Battery Camera - ieGeek
ZS-GX2S Battery Camera - ieGeek
ZS-GX2S Battery Camera - ieGeek
ZS-GX2S Battery Camera - ieGeek
ZS-GX2S Battery Camera - ieGeek
ZS-GX2S Battery Camera - ieGeek
ZS-GX2S Battery Camera - ieGeek
ZS-GX2S Battery Camera - ieGeek
ZS-GX2S Battery Camera - ieGeek
2K Wireless CameraColor Night VisionCustom Detection Area

Battery Camera ZS-GX2S

$90.99 USD
$199.98 USD
  • Longer Battery Life & 100% Wire-Free: Built-in 5200mah battery guarantees the ieGeek wireless camera lasting power per charge. With two 4dbi antennae, The camera's network reception is stronger 70% than other cameras. The recommended distance for the camera and router should be about 196ft. (60 m) Supports only 2.4 GHz WiFi. Does not support 5 GHz.
  • 2K/3MP Full HD & 100FT Night Vision: The ieGeek CCTV camera is equipped with the newest HiSilicon high-end chip and SONY 1/3CMOS Colour sensor providing the best stability and clarity in images and videos at day time. 4 IR lights automatically sense the ambient light and switch to the night vision mode. The 130-degree wide-angle allows you to view any corner you want to monitor.
  • Multifunctional Smart Security Camera: The ieGeek WiFi camera has a built-in microphone and speaker system, which provides two-way high-fidelity conversation all the time. IP65 means it can completely prevent dust and splash water from entering. It can work unaffected no matter heavy rain or sun exposure. The standard operating temperature should be from -13°F to 140°F (-25°C to 60°C).




Choose with solar panel
$90.99 USD
$199.98 USD

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Unboxing & Reviews

ieGeek Battery Powered Camera / Wireless Security Camera pd

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ieGeek Battery Powered Camera | ZS-GX2S | 2022 Review

Tekker Reviews

Meet ieGeek 2K 3MP Outdoor Wire-Free ZS-GX2S 2nd Gen: Level up your security


ieGeek ZS GX2S Battery Solar Outdoor Wireless Security Camera old versus updated model

Greg Toope

ieGeek Battery Powered Camera | ZS-GX2S | 2022 Review

Tekker Reviews

Meet ieGeek 2K 3MP Outdoor Wire-Free ZS-GX2S 2nd Gen: Level up your security


More Than Just Viewing, Get The Lights & Sirens Moving.

  • Lens Upgrade: In this upgrade, we eliminated the 1080P lens and upgraded the lens hardware to 2K full-frame pixels. Compared with the 2K pixels upgraded by software, you can rely on this camera upgraded by hardware to continuously output stable and clear picture quality for the monitoring area you care about.
  • Add Spotlights: Colored night vision can distinguish some characteristics of criminals, such as the color of clothes, the color of props used and so on. Let's restore a more real crime scene.
  • A smart sensor light in front of the door? You can have it at the same time by having a security camera!

Small Additional Feature of App Using, ieGeek Security Camera Meets All Your Personalized Surveillance Needs.

Custom Detection Area

  • Set the door and the garage as a monitoring area to prevent strangers from invading.
  • Set the main road, bedroom, bathroom, swimming pool and other places as privacy areas.
  • Focus on protection, reduce false alarm and leave enough privacy for you.

Set an Alarm Plan

  • Setting alarm plan of motion detection through CloudEdge App to save power of outdoor security camera wireless and avoid meaningless alarms.
  • If you wanted to disable this during the night, set alarm plan from 6:00 AM-22:00 PM, then camera will only detect motion within this time period. You can also turn Notification/Light/Siren off anytime.

Multi-user Connection & Remote Monitor

  • If your family's smartphone download the same app, then you can share the security camera with them by scanning QR code.
  • They can view the live video, playback history record and receive motion detection alert message, etc. It is very convenient for the whole family to protect home against intruder. You can access the camera at any time from anywhere even you are abroad!

Support iOS/Android Mobile Device

  • Note: This camera is NOT compatible with desktop PC computer and laptop, it only supports being connected to mobile devices.

Upgraded 4dBi Dual WiFi Antennas

  • Compared to other single 3dBi Wifi antenna, ieGeek camera's Wifi connection is more stable.
  • You can access camera from anywhere, won't be bothered by offline issue anymore.
  • Supports only 2.4 GHz WiFi. Does not support 5 GHz.

Support Micro SD card & Cloud Storage

  • Micro SD card (not included) up to 128GB allow you to record locally.
  • Cloud storage account (7-day trial) allow you to store every video in the cloud.
  • With user authentication and software encryption, only you can access your data.
  • You need to inset an SD card to record if you want to save snapshots and videos recordings.

Built-in 18650 Tesla battery

  • Built-in upgraded battery and come with USB cable, you can charge it by USB cable or solar panel.
  • Battery power last 3~4 months. (Note: depending on frequency of motion detection. The less frequency, the battery power last longer)

Quick Wireless Installation

  • Easy to install: ieGeek CCTV camera has a built-in battery. 100% wire-free. No more annoying wires. Weigh about 2.24 pounds for anyone to operate it easily.


 ieGeek ZS-GX2SieGeek ZS-GX1SieGeek ZS-GX3S
Video Resolution3MP3MP3MP
Battery Capacity5200 mAh5200 mAh5200 mAh
NetworkOnly 2.4GHz WiFiOnly 2.4GHz WiFiOnly 2.4GHz WiFi
Viewing Angle130°Pan 355° Tilt 120°120°
PIR Motion Detection
AI Intelligent Analysis
Color Night Vision
Spotlight & Siren Alarm
Works With Alexa
24/7 Recording

Tech Specs

Included in the box

Battery Camera *1
Camera Fixed Holder *1
Camera Screws *3
Camera Nuts *3
User Manual *1

Quick Start Guide



Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Laura Drayton

This camera is great! Works wonderful at capturing distance motion. It will capture at least 50 feet away which is what I needed. My Ring camera only goes 30 feet which was not enough to capture motion in my street, which is what I wanted. I live on a very quiet street. I turn this on at night to monitor anyone in the street passing. So far the battery is at 100% still after many night ms of use and about 100 video clips great! The night vision goes far also.....much farther than the Ring. But, the night vision is not as good quality as Ring. If you have lights in your outside/street the video is not bad. It’s reliable, I catch video from an occasional rabbit hopping through. You can adjust the sensitivity if you just want people motion. The App is easy to use. I have this camera 8 feet in front of my Ring cam and I find this to camera catches more and farther motion. Great!!!

Silvia V.
It's a good purchase

I wasn't sure about this purchase, but about 6 months in I can say it works and it's easy to use.I take them down to recharge them which is not hard.I only check them if something happens or someone is coming with a delivery...The batery life is good. I have trouble setting them in a perfect angle so part of the street is on camera and they record every time a car drives by, shortening the battery life, but even like that I would say it lasts over a month.I think I'll get another one for the back.

Great camera for outdoor use

It is almost a month since I started using, so far going well. This is my second iegeek camera, I have been happily using one since 2017 that is why I went with iegeek again. Picture quality is good even in the night. Recording is easy , may be I already had experience on the previous one. Compared to the older model the new one works easily . Sound also get recorded perfectly a, I found this is better than older model. With 64GB SD card and first quality video I get around 10 days of recording. Antenna is really huge and is the only negative part I can think of. I use only CamHi app , not the CamHiPro which tries to access your photos , location etc but you can deny. Extending power to the unit is another difficult part, I used 15Ft 12v dc wire to extend adapter's wire from the outlet to the Camera.

Yvonne Hislop
Value for money

Great cameras, very sensitive, I bought 2 and they record every movements only downside is the battery drains fast would be worth buying the solar panels to go with them


Brilliant camera. Very impressed. Sensors are brilliant. Easy install (used my own screws) and setup 10 out of 10 and will buy another

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