ieGeek Spotlight Camera ZS-GQ4 - 5MP

ZS-GQ4 Spotlight Camera - ieGeek
ZS-GQ4 Spotlight Camera - ieGeek
5MP HD360° ViewWorks with Alexa

Spotlight Camera ZS-GQ4

$49.99 USD
$79.99 USD
  • Rotating PTZ Camera & IP65 Waterptoof: ieGeek outdoor security camera can easily control 355 ° Pan 120 ° Tilt and camera 4x digital zoom through the"CloudEdge"APP. IP65 waterproofing enables home security camera systems to keep functioning in any extreme weather, providing your home with all-round protection.
  • Bright Spotlight & 5MP Full Color Night Vision: ieGeek ip camera outdoor used upgraded chip and color sensor 1/3 CMOS, which provide 5MP full color night vision distance can reach 50ft with 3 Spotlights and 3 Infrared lights to keep the image clearly visible even at night.
  • Smart Motion Detection & Sound Light Alarm: Upgraded ieGeek security cameras wireless outdoor AI algorithm enhances humanized recognition smart motion detection alarm and sound & light alarm three alarm modes to reduces false alarms. You can adjust alarm sensitivity level through the "CloudEdge" APP.
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$49.99 USD
$79.99 USD

Unboxing & Reviews

ieGeek Battery Powered Camera / Wireless Security Camera pd

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ieGeek ZS-GQ4 Unboxing, Setup & Installation 2023 | Spotlight Camera with pan & tilt


ieGeek ZS-GQ4 Unboxing Installation & Setup | PTZ Spotlight Security Camera


ieGeek ZS-GQ4 Unboxing, Setup & Installation 2023 | Spotlight Camera with pan & tilt


ieGeek ZS-GQ4 Unboxing Installation & Setup | PTZ Spotlight Security Camera


New feature - Be Alert to Unseen Potential Crimes

3 sensitivity levels, push reminder when the noise in the environment exceeds the normal value.

Automatically Track Suspicious Objects

Upgrade the humanoid AI algorithm to automatically track humanoid moving objects.

Smart Siren & Light Alarm

Equipped with an upgraded PIR motion detection AI algorithm to enhance humanized recognition.

Delineate The Areas You Care About

Set 1-10 levels of PIR motion detection sensitivity level for multiple custom alarm zones.

Work with Alexa

Wake up Alexa to check the real-time monitoring situation outdoors.

Steady & Clear, like right in front of your eyes

Real-time speak with people in view of the camera, like families, friends, intruders.

Multi-Users Viewing

Share the camera with family who are traveling or on business trips.

Monitor 4 Cameras Simultaneously

Use the CloudEdge/ieGeek Cam APP to view your 4 cameras simultaneously anytime, anywhere.

Smart & Quick Playback

Pull the time period to view/save the captured motion events.

No hidden Costs, Bank-grade Encryption

Local Storage Up to 128GB

  • SD Card Requirements: Micro SD Cards from 10GB-128GB are supported (but not included). Class10 level read & write speed, file format FAT32.

Encrypted Cloud Storage Service

  • 7-day trial available. Only you can access cloud data, no other third parties.

Your Privacy is Our Top Priority

  • ieGeek security cameras use the Advanced Encryption Standard technology AES128, which is a commercial and government data encryption standard adopted by the US federal government. AES provides a 128-bit key.

Support Multiple Smart Devices

  • ieGeek Cam APP supports mobile phones/tablets/smart watches/work with Alexa.
  • * The smart watch can only receive notifications and access screenshots of alarm events, so as to quickly understand the general situation of the event.

IP65 Waterproof

  • ABS polymer material ensures that this camera can withstand acid rain/snowstorm and other severe weather in the city.

Quick Installation

  • No network cable is required, just plug in the power supply and work.

5dBi Dual WiFi Antennas

  • Stable network connection and wider range, significantly reduces poor connection issues.
  • Only support 2.4Ghz WiFi, not 5Ghz WiFi.

Hassle-free Support

  • ieGeek provides you 2 YEARS warranty. If you encounter any problems, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Tech Specs

Included in the box

Security Camera *1
5V Micro USB Power Cable *1
User Manual *1
Camera Bracket *1
1/4 inch Side Manual Screws (only for bracket) *4
1/4 inch Screw Hats (only for bracket) *4
Solar Panel *1
Solar Panel Bracket *1
1/4 inch Screw Hats (Only for Solar Panel Bracket) *3

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
What a pro thinks of this camera

PRO REVIEW for ieGeek ZS-GQ4 PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) outdoor camera. Being a retired (20 year) CCTV & Security consultant/contractor I have started to update my own homes security with new lower cost cameras after using older hardwired cameras and DVR for the past 30 years. After working with strictly commercial quality cameras in the past, this move to consumer grade equipment has had its surprises. For one, the new cameras have proved to be much easier to install and operate for myself and the wife. Over the past year I have started my updating and have tested out several types of wifi cameras. This new camera from ieGeek is probably the best camera for a couple of reasons. First, the cost is unbeatable for a camera that provides such good quality images (check out included photos). The ability to PTZ makes it more incredible considering the PTZ cameras I use to install on commercial and government buildings had costed between $1500 - $3000 apiece not counting the head-end controllers and DVR's. Most of you are aware of the drawbacks of IR nighttime video. The image looks fine until there is movement, especially a person where it blurs the image because of the lower IPS (image per second) rate. But this cameras ability to turn on an attached white flood light makes the image pop, bringing you a great full color video. While this camera is not a battery operated camera and does need to be plugged into an outlet, it does have a very good wifi transceiver, as tested in my install. The camera is mounted outside and is about 150' from our router, with the signal needing to go through a concrete block structure. Motion detection is very sensitive, in my case I have needed to turn it down because it was catching things I wasn't interested in. We do have some issues at night with bugs tripping it due to being attracted to the IR light but thats the drawback to using digital motion detection rather than a PIR type detection. They each have there pluses and minuses but the good thing about digital detection is you can mask certain areas of the view to prevent motion triggers of high traffic areas. You can't do that with a PIR sensor. Overall, I would say this is probably the most bang for the buck you can find anywhere.

oscar sosa jr
Excellent Cam

I got the camera this week and I am beyond excited. I tried the app and its very responsive to move the PTZ camera around. During the time I had it up, it rained in my area and it took the rain like a champion, absolutely no effect on it or on the connection. I feel secure now at home, knowing that if anything is happening outside my yard it will be recorded in 1080p.

Good value!

This security camera has a great price point and every feature that I'd ever want. I own several other security cameras, including three from ieGeek. However all of my other security cameras have a battery that can recharge from a solar panel or a computer via USB. This camera is WIRED, not rechargeable. I had an available outlet outside so plugging it in was easy. I love this camera.

E Sosa
Great camera fitting almost all budgets

This camera exceeded my expectations. One usually expects what they paid for, but this camera has the quality of a high end one, with the price of a budget security camera. Its easy to install with your phone, and doesnt need any fancy configurations. Almost feels like plug and play. During night time, it has a fog light that turns on upon detecting movement, and has an alarm option (which is very loud), and embarrased my self in front of my neighbors when I was testing it haha. The camara is great overall but My favorite part is the PTZ functionality, I am not limited to a specific angle and can move from left to right whenever I want, avoiding blind spots. I will be definitely buying another one for my backyard

Great value for money!

Exactly as advertised and easy to install, I was impressed and will order another soon. I used it to keep an eye on my terrace and garden while on vacation and found all features useful. My only complaint... the speaker output isn't loud enough when I am yelling at the stray cats in my yard. The microphone quality however, is superb!

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