Floodlight Camera ZS-GX5S


Floodlight Camera ZS-GX5S

Floodlight Camera ZS-GX5S



1. Will not connect to Wi-Fi:

When connecting to wifi for the first time, please ensure that:

  • The wifi currently connected to the mobile phone is a 2.4Ghz network;
  • The current location has good wifi coverage and a stable network (wifi signal is greater than 75%);
  • Avoid using wifi extenders;
  • Check whether the wifi password is entered correctly;
  • It cannot be ruled out that in the rare case of special network incompatibility, the App and the camera cannot be connected correctly. In this case, our camera is not compatible, please contact the after-sales service,more professional and targeted to solve your problem. (

    2. Fast power consumption:

  • In the case of poor wifi coverage (such as signal is below 75%), which will increase power consumption;
  • The PIR trigger frequency is high, and the power consumption will increase when the infrared light/white light is on at night;
  • The mobile phone often accesses the camera remotely, which will increase the power consumption;
  • For the first use, it is recommended to use the power to 10%, and then charge it to 100%, which is helpful for the health of the lithium battery.

  • 3. Camera not detecting movement:

  • In the case of unstable network, the message may not be pushed in time after the PIR is triggered. In this case, you can first confirm the network status and remove the camera to verify and confirm in an environment with good network coverage.
  • Inappropriate installation position will result in PIR not triggering and not detecting. If the position is too high, the object is too far away, or the object is too small, the camera will not trigger,try to adjust the installation position according to the trigger requirements for many times.

  • 4. Camera offline:

  • Confirm that the current location has good wifi coverage and the network is stable,make sure that the wifi signal is above 75%.
  • You can try to use the third-party wifi analysis tool "wifi analyzer" to analyze the current wifi signal coverage and interference status. If the coverage is poor and the interference is large, it is recommended to replace the camera installation position or adjust the router position or use a second-stage router.
  • Avoid using wifi extenders.

  • 5. SD card not recognized:

  • Support capacity is 16~128GB Mirco SD card.
  • Before use, make sure to format the Mirco SD card as FAT32 or exFAT file system on the computer, then insert it into the camera, and finally perform the format memory card operation on the camera again.
  • If the Mirco SD card is not recognized during use, it is generally a quality problem of the Mirco SD card, and it is necessary to replace the memory card with more stable reading and writing.

  • 6. Solar panel not charging:

  • Choose the best installation place and adjust the angle
  • Please choose the best installation location and adjust to a suitable angle to ensure that the solar panels get sufficient sunlight. It is recommended to place the solar panels horizontally, and then tilt south. (If your location is in the southern hemisphere, please tilt north). The tilt angle of solar panels is determined according to the local latitude. (If the local latitude is 55°N, please tilt the solar panel south to 55 °)

    For Example:

    UK: After the solar panel is placed horizontally, please tilt south to 55 °

    Germany: After the solar panel is placed horizontally, please tilt south to 55 °


    a. In the cloudy days, under the shade, morning, and evening, the current of solar panel is small due to insufficient sunlight. When the charging current is less than 50mA, the camera won't be charged. This is a normal phenomenon, please don't worry. When the sunlight is sufficient, the solar panel will continue to charge the camera.

    b. When connecting the solar panel to the camera, the charging status (charging icon) will not be displayed immediately. Please exit the current interface and enter the live video interface, then the charging icon will be displayed.

    c. Solar charging is a slow charging method, and the purpose is to increase battery life. But it doesn't mean that you no longer need to use the power adapter to charge the camera.

    d. For example, when the camera is triggered by motion frequently or you view the video in the app frequently, the camera will consume battery power very fast. When the power consumption is larger than the charging volume, solar panel cannot provide sufficient power for the camera. In this case, you need to use the power adapter to charge the camera.

    We won't stop and keep working hard to bring a better customer experience to you and making security simpler. Any problem about items please do contact our customer service first, we will reply you in 24H. (

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