What Are Cellular Security Cameras

Burglary is a serious threat to home security and financial well-being. A recent report by Cove revealed that around 25% of survey respondents have experienced a break-in at some point. Furthermore, the report found that 39% have had an item stolen from their porch, demonstrating how common petty thefts can be. Safety habits also differ greatly according to demographics – 22% of millennials always post on social media while traveling compared to just 1% of baby boomers[1]. Home invasion topped the list of safety concerns for both Gen Z and millennials as well. With such risks in mind, surveillance cameras, specifically solar wireless security cameras, have emerged as an essential tool to not only prevent crimes but also aid in investigations should an incident occur.

Common Risks That Can Be Prevented and Dealt With By Installing Cameras

Home security cameras play a vital role in deterring various threats and collecting evidence in case of incidents. Common risks they help prevent and deal with include:

1. Burglary

Thefts involving illegal entry into homes and stealing valuables can be prevented using solar wireless security cameras. Motion-activated recordings inside the house can help identify suspects breaking in.

2. Package Theft

With online shopping on the rise, thieves often lurk around to steal delivered packages. A camera at the front door helps stop such porch pirates and allows identification through clear footage.

3. Vandalism

Unfortunately, acts of vandalism, such as graffiti or intentional property damage, are common. Night vision home security camera models provide 24/7 monitoring to discourage vandals and also aid in apprehending them using evidence from the scene.

4. Home Invasions

These alarming intrusions by strangers into homes when occupants are present pose grave danger. Security cameras not only discourage home invasions, but critical footage from the event can be provided to law enforcement for investigation.


Benefits of Solar Wireless Security Cameras

When it comes to modern surveillance needs, solar wireless security cameras have distinct advantages over traditional wired systems. These include:

1. Deterrent Effect

Solar cameras act as a strong deterrent against potential criminal activity due to their visible presence outdoors. As cameras are mounted in open spaces, any suspicious persons will think twice before attempting to trespass or burgle.

2. Real-Time Monitoring

These cameras allow real-time remote monitoring through mobile apps using intelligent features. Smart motion detectors and an alarm system alert homeowners instantly of any movement through smartphone push notifications.

3. Evidence Collection

In the event of security breaches, solar wireless security cameras provide critical evidence for subsequent investigations. Clear recordings of perpetrators and license plates are successfully captured during incidents via automated motion-activated recording.


Where can Security Cameras be Installed?

To establish effective surveillance of a property, it is important to strategically place cameras in and around the home. Some recommended areas include:

  • Entry Points

Covering the main front and back entryways deters anyone from attempting to break in and also allows capturing facial images or license plates.

  • Windows

Since windows are common access points, cameras outside lower windows help monitor the perimeter and any suspicious activities.

  • Yard and Driveway

Installation in the front and backyard, as well as the driveway, strengthens outdoor security and enables perimeter checks.

  • Garage and Outdoor Structures

Whether it is the garage, shed, or workshop, solar wireless security cameras here monitor any belongings and alerts of intruders.

  • Common Areas

Strategic indoor placement in high-traffic areas like kitchens and hallways improves overall visibility without blind spots.

  • Basement and Attic Entrances

Overlooking basement and attic entrance points into these confined spaces deter any hiding attempts.

  • Alleyways and Side Entrances

Solar wireless security cameras facing less visible sides and at the rear of the property provide comprehensive vigilance.


A Popular Choice for Solar Wireless Security Cameras

ieGeek is a widely trusted brand of reliable cameras committed to user privacy and security. As a leader in the industry, our company has years of experience developing easy-to-use innovation. Homeowners can choose from our wide array of high-definition, solar-powered security solutions that boast high-end technology and reliable performance.

One of our top products is the Battery Camera ZS-GX4S With Panel. It is a security camera with a solar panel that provides constant crystal clear outdoor viewing. Its key features that enhance residential safety include:

  • Clear 5MP HD video and color night vision up to 50 feet provide optimal footage that can help identify suspects and serve as reliable evidence in investigations of crimes committed on the property.
  • Advanced motion detection sends instant push alerts to allow remote monitoring through mobile apps, while the built-in siren and floodlight automatically activate to deter potential intruders upon sensing movement.
  • Comprehensive wireless monitoring is enabled through dual high-gain antennas, an easy wireless setup, and a weatherproof design allowing round-the-clock surveillance coverage of the indoor and outdoor areas to prevent blind spots that could be exploited.



Overall, break-ins are a serious risk but can effectively be prevented through strategically installed security cameras. Solar powered wireless security camera models offer unique convenience and versatility over wired systems. At ieGeek, we offer these innovative products that boast unique features and prioritize your privacy and convenience. Visit our website to browse our full portfolio of offerings tailored to residential protection needs.



  • 50% of US homes have a security system. Available at: https://www.securitymagazine.com/articles/100048-50-of-us-homes-have-a-security-system(Accessed: 23 January 2024)