DVD Player IK-902


DVD Player IK-902



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1. Does it start over when turned off for a short amount of time?

Set the "Last memory" function on the SETUP page, the player will start exactly where you left off.

2. Does it have bluetooth?

It doesn't support bluetooth.

3. What is the actual screen display size please?

The overall size of this DVD player is 11.5‘’, and the screen size is 9.5‘’, which is obtained by measuring the diagonal of the visible screen.

4. What is the battery life?

The player lasts for about 5 hours.

5. What are the specifications of the car charger?

It is a 12V charger with 1.5A.

6. Will this player support region 2?

Yes. Of course. Our dvd player is region-free.

7. Is it a good portable dvd player for kids?

Yes. 11.5 inches is a perfect size for kids. Also, the screen adopts the HD eye-protective Screen, and refuses the recycled screen, aiming at alleviating eye fatigue caused by long use, more comfortable and protective screen for your kids’ eyes.

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