Doorbell Camera J5


Doorbell Camera J5

Doorbell Camera J5



1. Is the video doorbell powered by battery?

No, this video doorbell requires constant hardwire power supply. Compared to battery powered doorbells, this wired video doorbell has more advanced features, like supporting full day recording, no delay quick response to visitor calls, and smaller in dimension, fitting into narrow door frames.

2. How to connect the hardwire to the doorbell? Does the cable order matter?

Your doorbell works with both DC 12V and AC 12V - 24V hardwire power source. There are 2 terminal screws on the rear of your doorbell, and you can connect each wire to each power terminal screw. The cable order doesn't matter.

3. I found a Micro USB port near the Micro SD Slot, what's it for?

You can power up the doorbell by the Micro USB port, using an USB compatible charger and cable. It is designed mainly for product testing in the factory.

4. What's the Wi-Fi range of the video doorbell?

The video doorbell works with any 2.4GHz wireless Wi-Fi router, mesh system or modems. In outfield test, it works well in most 3000sqft houses. The Wi-Fi range may vary because of different WiFi transmit power, transmission distance and wall blocks in between.

5. I installed my video doorbell, but the video or audio quality is poor.

In live view interface, Wifi status will be listed. It is suggested to ensure the Wi-Fi status be more than 70%, so as to get your doorbell work as expected. If you think your problem is caused by low Wi-Fi signal strength, try moving your Wi-Fi router closer, or add one Wi-Fi Booster to extend your Wi-Fi range.

6. Does the video doorbell work with existing indoor mechanical chime?

No. The doorbell comes with an USB compatible wireless chime to notify people when your vistor presses the doorbell button. If you have an existing indoor chime, please use the provided jumper to bypass the existing chime, so as to provide sufficient power to the new video doorbell.

7. How many wireless chimes can be paired with one video doorbell?

You can add as many wireless chimes as your wish on one video doorbell.

8. Does it support customized Motion Detection Zones?

Yes it does. Go to Settings - Alarm Setting - Motion detection - Alarm Area. Use your finger tips to draw one or more customized motion detection zones and save your settings, and the orange zones are motion detection zones.

9. How does the video doorbell detect the motions? Can motion detection be disabled?

The doorbell camera detects motion through the full-image pixel contrast, it will further undergo a human-shape detection to reduce false alarm rate. You can adjust the motion detection sensitivity, customize detection zone, schedule alarm intervals and disable motion detection accordingly due to various user scenarios.

10. Does the doorbell support cloud storage?

Your doorbell support Micro SD card storage as well as cloud storage. You can activate the cloud storage service in App. There is a 7-day free cloud recording trial service. Please note that cloud storage only support event recording but not full day recording.

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